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Emily Fyfe

Early math knowledge related to later achievement

Dec. 6, 2016—Findings will inform educators and school administrators developing curricula for the early years.

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Study: Feedback can hinder kids’ math outcomes

Jun. 11, 2015—When doing math, some children do worse on subsequent problems after receiving feedback.

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Common Core math should include ‘pattern abstraction’

Mar. 18, 2015—Exposing preschoolers to patterning activities builds the foundation for early math skills.

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Abstract language may help preschoolers grasp early math concepts

Feb. 3, 2015—Minor differences in language can have a large effect on how children think about learning materials, including the objects that make up a pattern.

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Is math hard because we’re teaching it wrong?

Aug. 12, 2014—Introducing concepts before equations may make it easier to learn math, according to a new Vanderbilt study.

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