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electric cars

Battery-switching device promises more road time for Tesla, Leaf drivers

Nov. 20, 2017—A device out Vanderbilt's engineering school reconfigures modules in electric car battery packs to be online or offline – depending on whether they’re going to pull down the other modules.

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Vanderbilt doubles on-campus electric vehicle charging capacity

Oct. 23, 2012—The Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal, or SMART station, can accommodate 10 vehicles and joins five other stations scattered across the campus and medical center, bringing the total number of EV charging bays to 19.

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Electric vehicle charging station coming to campus

Oct. 3, 2011—Vanderbilt University has teamed with the Electric Power Research Institute and the Tennessee Valley Authority to build an integrated solar-assisted electric vehicle charging station on campus.

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Reduce pollution on Air Quality Alert days and every day

Jul. 28, 2011—Throughout the hot summer days, air pollutant levels can rise, contributing to reduced lung function, wheezing, coughing and possibly triggering asthma attacks. Prior to heading out the door each day, be sure to check the Air Quality Index, especially if you have asthma or other breathing problems.

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Video: VUCast: Can baby videos teach?

Dec. 3, 2010—Do videos targeted to babies really teach? New Vanderbilt research gives a clear answer. Plus, a Supreme Court justice comes to campus and why one ‘Dore is playing for the New York Times.

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