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Edward F. Fischer

Consumer taste for high altitude beans shifts opportunity to small farmers

Apr. 29, 2013—Economic prospects improved for small mountain farmers in Guatemala when consumers developed a taste for coffee brewed with beans grown at high altitude, according to a new study from the Vanderbilt Institute for Coffee Studies.

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Vanderbilt Guatemalan field station new interdisciplinary hub

Apr. 18, 2013—Vanderbilt University’s expanded commitment to research and sustainable development in Guatemala is reflected in this spring’s opening of a Guatemala City field station that is home to 13 projects.

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China conference gets virtual greeting from chancellor

Nov. 16, 2011—Vanderbilt scholars gathered with colleagues in the People’s Republic of China recently to discuss folklore and build relationships within the Southeast provinces. The conference, the First China-U.S. Forum on Intangible Cultural Heritage: Comparative Policies, took place on Nov. 6 and 7 at a conference center about 30 miles outside Guangzhou. The discussions centered on comparative...

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April grants announced by Division of Sponsored Research

May. 25, 2011—The Division of Sponsored Research received notification in April that the following grants in excess of $25,000 had been awarded: Theodore A. Bapty, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, has received an award in the amount of $311,047 by the Department of Defense for “Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE).” Abhishek Dubey, Sandeep K. Neema and Jason M....

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