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Educational Psychology

Academic acceleration has no negative long-term effects on the psychological well-being of gifted youth

Aug. 3, 2020—A new longitudinal study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology from Vanderbilt’s Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth finds that there are no negative effects on the long-term well-being of gifted youth from academic acceleration such as skipping grades, graduating early, or a combination of advanced educational placement methods.

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Can colorful blocks prep preschoolers for a future in math? This study says yes.

Sep. 25, 2018—Patterning and spatial activities like block play are simple yet powerful activities in which preschoolers develop early math skills, according to a growing body of research by Vanderbilt scholars.

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Noted scholars of giftedness to receive lifetime achievement award

Feb. 21, 2018—Vanderbilt University professors Camilla P. Benbow and David Lubinski have been selected to receive The International Society for Intelligence Research’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Intelligence.

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Vanderbilt Peabody launches online graduate degree programs

Oct. 13, 2017—Vanderbilt University is offering two new online degree programs for education professionals through Peabody Online, a partnership with 2U, Inc.

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