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duco jansen

Twelve engineering students awarded prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Apr. 14, 2020—Nine engineering doctoral students have been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Three engineering undergraduate students also have received NSF fellowships.

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VU engages Lewis-Burke to connect faculty with federal sponsors

Jun. 14, 2019—Vanderbilt University has engaged Lewis-Burke Associates LLC, a specialty consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., to afford faculty more opportunities for enhancing their research and scholarship. Through this engagement, Lewis-Burke will collaborate directly with faculty, provide advice on funding trends, identify new opportunities, discuss strategies to overcome funding challenges, and connect faculty with federal decision-makers...

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Shining a light on the nervous system to thwart disease

Nov. 16, 2017—Researchers believe they can address problems stemming from heart rate, respiration and digestion by untangling which nerves control which bodily functions and then stimulating them with light.

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Next graduate education forum is Oct. 5

Sep. 30, 2015—The third in a series of forums discussing graduate education at Vanderbilt is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 5, from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Student Life Center Board of Trust Room.

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Next graduate education forum set for Sept. 24

Sep. 21, 2015—The second in a series of forums discussing graduate education at Vanderbilt is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 24.

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New Graduate Education Study Group to begin work Oct. 1

Sep. 22, 2014—Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Susan Wente has appointed a new Graduate Education Study Group and charged it with laying the course for the future of graduate education at Vanderbilt.

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New initiative to develop a system that controls prosthetic limbs naturally

Nov. 17, 2010—Using beams of light to allow amputees not only to control but also to feel the movement of prosthetic limbs is the ambitious goal of a new $5.6 million Department of Defense initiative. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is tapping the new and rapidly growing field of “neurophotonics” to overcome one the biggest technical...

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