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Donna Ford

Vanderbilt scholar’s research with black males expands to Pittsburgh

Nov. 23, 2011—Two western Pennsylvania school systems will use a program developed at Vanderbilt University to encourage young black males to be successful in school and go on to college.

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Vanderbilt Peabody education experts available for back-to-school stories

Jul. 22, 2011—Education experts from the Vanderbilt Peabody College of education and human development are available for back-to-school interviews.

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Preparing teachers for diversity

Apr. 5, 2011—Research from Peabody College faculty members Donna Ford and Rich Milner is featured in the latest volume released by the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

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TIPSHEET: An African American has achieved the nation’s highest office – what now?

Nov. 20, 2008—Barack Obama's history-making election to president of the United States has many wondering what does this achievement mean for race relations in America – what now? Is there still need for affirmative action? Is there less racism in America than we might have once thought? Will the Obamas have an impact on African Americans' and others' expectations for and perceptions of family and achievement?

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