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Vanderbilt Campus Dining focuses on sustainability

Jan. 10, 2018—Vanderbilt Campus Dining has implemented several initiatives in recent months that will lessen the university’s environmental impact and enhance its overall dining program.

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‘Fall Gardening and Composting’ at VRWC Aug. 10

Jul. 6, 2017—The Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center presents “Fall Gardening and Composting” with Ryan Cooper, an irrigation specialist with the Vanderbilt Grounds department, from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 10, at the VRWC teaching kitchen. The talk is part of the Life Phase Series.

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Composting efforts restore balance, help campus trees thrive

Jul. 25, 2012—The Vanderbilt campus is home to more than 7,500 trees – that adds up to a lot of leaves. But did you know that Vanderbilt Plant Operations’ grounds program has been harnessing nature’s own processes to help trees on campus weather the record heat this summer? Mulching the areas underneath the trees with compost made...

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Compostable to-go containers offered at Rand

May. 29, 2012—Vanderbilt Dining will offer compostable, earth-friendly to-go containers at Rand Dining Center and Chef James Bistro. The biocompostable containers are made from sugarcane and wheat straw stalks – both renewable resources – and will biodegrade in 30 days. Containers are microwave safe, gluten-free and allergen-free. Contact: Julie Akard Crider, (615) 322-1877

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Green Bag Luncheon Series: “Backyard Composting”

Oct. 27, 2011—Watch video from the Green Bag Luncheon Series, “Backyard Composting,” which took place on Oct. 26. The presenters – Jeffrey Ezell of Metro Beautification & Environment Commission and Emily Thompson of All Seasons Gardening & Brewing Supply Company – demonstrated the basics of composting, starting your own pile, and vermicomposting. The Sustainability and Environmental Management Office...

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