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Class of 2014: Khairul Kamarulzaman sees college through a unique lens

Apr. 22, 2014—Khairul Kamarulzaman has taken advantage of semester and holiday breaks at Vanderbilt to travel east and west, north and south across the United States.

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Class of 2014: Amanda Palmer is exploring the complexities of autism

Apr. 22, 2014—Amanda Palmer discovered a love of working with children with autism during high school. That made the decision to attend Peabody College, with its top-ranked program in special education, easy.

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Class of 2014: Roo George-Warren curates his own adventures

Apr. 18, 2014—Being a facilitator is DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren’s modus operandi.

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Class of 2014: Brionne Williams’ next goal is healthier communities

Apr. 18, 2014—Brionne Williams has a vision of herself as a healer in a community clinic, doing much more than doling out pills and setting broken bones.

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Vanderbilt class of 2014 draws from largest applicant pool ever

Sep. 17, 2010—Vanderbilt University’s Expanded Aid Program to fund students with demonstrated need who earn admittance has resulted in the most selective class in its history.

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