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Chad Buck

10 healthier ways to manage holiday stress

Dec. 7, 2016—The words “holiday” and “stress” do not belong together. A holiday is supposed to be a time when a person gets some distance from day-to-day hassles. The reality is that even positive events can cause stress, and demands or changes in routine are often unavoidable.

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Coping with the psychological effects of recent violence in the news

Oct. 5, 2016—Vanderbilt Work/Life Connections psychologist Chad Buck offers suggestions for coping when social media and news coverage of shootings, bombings, protests, sexual assaults and other events becomes graphic and intense.

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Learn about establishing effective personal boundaries

Apr. 13, 2016—Dr. Chad Buck, a clinical psychologist at Vanderbilt’s Work-Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program, was featured in an article on "Huffington Post" on the benefits of setting personal boundaries.

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10 tips for managing holiday stress

Dec. 8, 2014—The words “holiday” and “stress” do not belong together, says Chad Buck, a clinical psychologist with Vanderbilt’s Work/Life Connections–EAP.

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Wellcast: How workplace coaching can improve your performance

Sep. 24, 2014—Alternative work methods and communication styles can sometimes be hard for individuals to see on their own. In the latest wellcast, Stephanie Dean of Work/Life Connections and psychologist Chad Buck discuss ways in which Work/Life Connection’s workplace coaching improves performance.

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