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Expert: Inspiration, anger motivate women to run for office

Aug. 2, 2018—Amanda Clayton can provide insight into why so many women are running for office in 2018--and how they might change Washington if they are elected.

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Watch: How media coverage of campaign advertising influences election results

May. 18, 2012—How the media covers campaign advertising can influence election results. Associate professor and co-director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Josh Clinton explains his research on the 2004 “swift boat” ads and how media coverage impacted the election.

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VUCast: Shark Attack to Bionic Breakthrough

Oct. 21, 2011—This Week on VUCast: A shark attack victim inspires a bionic breakthrough; why political prices are going up; and making a cappella cool.    

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Why tech-savvy political candidates still need old-fashioned yard signs

Jul. 25, 2011—A Vanderbilt political science study offers fairly conclusive evidence that, in low-information races, a candidate’s name recognition alone positively affects voter support.

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