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Brian Engelhardt

Research explores link between stem cell transplant, diabetes

Jan. 17, 2019—Brian Engelhardt is studying why as many as 50 percent of stem cell transplant recipients develop diabetes.

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Engelhardt lands stem cell transplant research grant

Sep. 11, 2014—Up to 60 percent of patients who receive a stem cell transplant using cells from another donor will develop post-transplant diabetes mellitus, which can increase the rate of complications and death after the procedure.

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Targeting post-transplant diabetes

Apr. 12, 2012—Targeting diabetes that develops after a stem cell transplant may help moderate graft-vs.-host disease, an adverse effect of the procedure, and improve outcomes.

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Immune system’s role in prematurity complication studied

Mar. 16, 2012—Disruptions in immune system regulation may play a role in a deadly complication in premature infants.

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