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Neon projects elite aura for amateur athletes

Nov. 13, 2013—Bright-colored products and brands do more than just draw attention. They allow people to signal a personal identity that aligns them with elite athletes, explains Vanderbilt marketing professor Jennifer Escalas.

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International Olympic Committee’s Rule 40 dims spotlight on smaller brands

Aug. 6, 2012—In order to protect the investment of the corporations sponsoring the Olympic Games, the IOC has created Rule 40 which prohibits athletes from promoting non-sponsor brands while the Olympic Village is open.

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For a winning ad at the Super Bowl: Less shock and more sophisticated storyline

Jan. 30, 2012—Marketing narratives are more likely to trigger a positive response when following the storyline requires some mental work, according to recent research by Jennifer Escalas and Jesper Nielsen and published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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