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Best Buddies

Kudos: Read about faculty and student awards, appointments and achievements

Aug. 31, 2016—Read about the latest faculty and student awards, appointments and achievements.

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Class of 2015: Caroline Hatfield mines insight from studying the female image

May. 5, 2015—If you’re funny, you don’t have to be perfect. That’s what senior Caroline Hatfield discovered in a research project about the cultural expectations by which female celebrities are judged compared to how society judges female comedians.

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From Access to Impact: Opportunity Vanderbilt Scholarship Recipients Aim High

Mar. 23, 2015—A glimpse into the lives of four scholarship recipients shows not only how Opportunity Vanderbilt is empowering individuals, but how they are contributing to Vanderbilt, their communities and the world.

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Mayor Karl Dean signs pledge at Best Buddies event

Mar. 13, 2014—Nashville Mayor Karl Dean visited the Vanderbilt campus March 12 for Spread the Word to End the Word, an annual event presented by the award-winning Vanderbilt chapter of Best Buddies.

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Mayor Karl Dean pledges to help wipe out the ‘R Word’

Mar. 10, 2014—Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will visit Vanderbilt University’s campus Wednesday to pledge his support to putting an end to the “R Word,” which has negative and hurtful connotations to people with disabilities.

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