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Lean vs. obese adipose tissue cells

Dec. 14, 2018—New research led by Alyssa Hasty shows that diet-induced weight loss in obese individuals increases levels of a white blood cell that promotes metabolic health in fatty tissues, but not in the liver.

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The exocyst dynamo

Dec. 14, 2018—Mukhtar Ahmed and colleagues say the methods they employed to understand the mechanisms by which exocysts--protein complexes essential to life--function have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of cell dynamics.

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RNA processing and antiviral immunity

Dec. 13, 2018—New research by John Karijolich and colleagues have found that RNA, not viruses, activate the sentry enzymes that serve as the first line of defense against viruses.

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Lindsley named to National Academy of Inventors

Dec. 11, 2018—Craig W. Lindsley, William K. Warren Jr. Professor of Medicine and co-director of the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery, has been elected a fellow of the prestigious National Academy of Inventors.

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Team seeks to create genetic map of worm’s nervous system

Dec. 7, 2018—A complete map of gene expression for the worm may help address broad questions in neuroscience about how gene expression programs establish diverse sets of neurons and how genetic differences contribute to neuronal function in healthy and disease conditions.

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Analyzing single-cell landscapes

Nov. 30, 2018—Qi Liu, PhD, Ken Lau, PhD, and colleagues have developed a new tool, sc-UniFrac, to quantify diverse cell types in single-cell studies.

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Celebration honors 10 new endowed chair holders

Nov. 29, 2018—Vanderbilt's 10 newest endowed chair holders, who come from six schools and colleges across campus, were lauded for their exemplary teaching and scholarship at a Nov. 27 ceremony .

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Discovery Science Emerging Scholars Lecture: Angelina Hernandez-Carretero Dec. 6

Nov. 28, 2018—Angelina Hernandez-Carretero, a staff scientist at the City of Hope Beckman Research Institute, will discuss "Novel Regulators of Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance and Diabetes" on Thursday, Dec. 6, as part of Vanderbilt's Discovery Science Emerging Scholars Lecture Series.

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Briefings on National Academies of Sciences sexual harassment study set for Nov. 26

Nov. 19, 2018—Recommendations from the national report “Sexual Harassment of Women: Climate, Culture and Consequences in Academic Sciences, Engineering and Medicine” will be presented on campus Nov. 26.

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New faculty: Lisa Monteggia

Nov. 12, 2018—Lisa Monteggia is professor of pharmacology and Barlow Family Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

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Discovery Science Emerging Scholars Lecture: Luisa Escobar-Hoyos

Nov. 6, 2018—The next Discovery Sciences Emerging Scholars Lecture will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 4 p.m. in 206 Preston Research Building. Luisa Escobar-Hoyos, a postdoctoral research fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and research assistant professor at Stony Brook University, will discuss her pancreatic cancer research.

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H. Alex Brown Memorial Symposium set for Nov. 5

Oct. 30, 2018—A memorial symposium will be held in honor of Professor H. Alex Brown on Monday, Nov. 5, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Commons Center Multipurpose Room.

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