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Bangladesh collaboration offers lessons for facing rapid environmental changes

Feb. 24, 2020—With a population of roughly 150 million people, the delta country of Bangladesh holds about half the population of the entire United States in an area the size of Louisiana, and exists under a near-constant risk of sea level rise and other dynamic climate changes. Now, as the world faces a future chock-full of increasing...

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Ph.D. student publishes ‘Farzana’s Journey’ to help kids understand water quality issues

Oct. 26, 2017—Chelsea Peters, a Ph.D. student in environmental engineering, recently returned from giving out 500 copies of her book to children in Bangladesh.

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National assessment overstates public access to safe drinking water in Bangladesh

May. 12, 2017—According to the latest national assessment, 85 percent of the people in Bangladesh have access to safe drinking water. However, a new study raises serious questions about the nation's water security.

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Flood control efforts in Bangladesh exacerbate flooding, threaten millions

Jan. 5, 2015—A low-lying island in Southwest Bangladesh provides a dramatic foretaste of the impact facing 10 percent of the world's population in terms of global sea level rise due to unforeseen consequences of last century's flood control efforts, according to a new Vanderbilt interdisciplinary study.

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