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New discovery shows infection of the lungs can be caused by hybrid fungi

Jun. 4, 2020—A team of scientists at Vanderbilt has discovered the first known instance of a hybrid fungal species causing aspergillosis, an ensemble of different types of lung infections that often impacts immune-compromised people.

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Rational design of novel antifungals

Oct. 7, 2015—Structural and molecular details of an anti-fungal target's interaction with inhibitors suggest ways to design better treatments for fungal infections.

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What beer, dogs, cats and soy sauce have in common: The movie

Feb. 5, 2013—A new video report of research by Antonis Rokas and John Gibbons describes how humans domesticated microbes like yeast just as we domesticated cats and dogs.

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Discovery of jumping gene cluster tangles tree of life

Feb. 4, 2011—Since the days of Darwin, the “tree of life” has been the preeminent metaphor for the process of evolution, reflecting the gradual branching and changing of individual species. The discovery that a large cluster of genes appears to have jumped directly from one species of fungus to another, however, significantly strengthens the argument that a...

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