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Applications being accepted for Vanderbilt adult learner graduate program

Jul. 2, 2012—The Master of Liberal Arts and Science Program, a unique graduate school program for working adults at Vanderbilt University, will offer classes this fall spanning spanning history, writing, philosophy and media studies.

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Probing the roots of depression by tracking serotonin regulation at a new level

Jun. 27, 2012—An interdisciplinary team of scientists have successfully tagged a protein that regulates the neurotransmitter serotonin with tiny fluorescent beads, allowing them to track the movements of individual molecules for the first time. This capability makes it possible to study the manner in which serotonin regulates mood, appetite and sleep at a new level of detail.

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Kudos: Read about faculty, staff and alumni awards, appointments and achievements

Jun. 27, 2012—Samar Ali, a Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt Law School alumna, has been named international director for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. Ali’s role includes overseeing TNTrade as well as the ECD’s other international initiatives, including managing four international offices. Erik Carter, associate professor of special education and a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center investigator, spoke at a Council...

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Education is the key to promoting political participation: Vanderbilt poll

Jun. 25, 2012—One of the most important factors influencing citizens to participate actively in political campaigns in the Americas is education, according to a survey conducted by Vanderbilt University. “Working for a political party or campaign is uncommon,” the researchers wrote in a report about the survey, issued June 25 by the Latin American Public Opinion Project...

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Psychologist wins Vision Sciences Society award

Jun. 21, 2012—Assistant Professor of Psychology Geoffrey Woodman has received the 2012 young investigator award from the Vision Sciences Society.

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“Extremely little” telescope discovers pair of odd planets

Jun. 13, 2012—A small telescope with a lens no more powerful than a high-end digital camera has discovered the existence of two very unusual exoplanets.

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Super-eruptions may have surprisingly short fuses

May. 30, 2012—Super-eruptions are potentially civilization-ending events and new research suggests that they may have surprisingly short fuses.

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Vanderbilt Alumni Association elects new members

May. 29, 2012—Seven new members have been elected to the Vanderbilt University Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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Founding Director Bill Ivey to step down from Vanderbilt’s Curb Center; Jay Clayton named successor

May. 25, 2012—Carolyn Dever announces Bill Ivey will step down as director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public policy after 10 years. Jay Clayton will succeed him.

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Hothouse for Scientists: Undergraduates with a passion for scientific inquiry work alongside seasoned researchers as equal players

May. 24, 2012—Experience, so they say, is the best teacher. But when it comes to cutting-edge laboratory-based research, hands-on work often is the exclusive purview of graduate students and faculty. So how does an undergraduate student interested in research go about obtaining the experience and exposure that can help launch a career? For one group of Vanderbilt...

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Romney has firm lead in Tennessee presidential race: Vanderbilt poll

May. 21, 2012—The latest Vanderbilt poll shows Republican Mitt Romney firmly in position to win the state of Tennessee in the presidential election in November.

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Tenn. legislature should focus on economy: Vanderbilt Poll

May. 20, 2012—The latest Vanderbilt Poll shows that there is a divide between the priorities of state lawmakers and the citizens they serve.

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