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End of the Beginning

May. 1, 2012—The Ingram Commons’ first class graduates On a bright spring day four years ago, Jeremy Williams had a choice to make. His college decision had come down to two schools – Vanderbilt or Harvard – and he was stepping onto the former’s Nashville campus for the first time. “My mom and I visited some of...

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A Way With Words

May. 1, 2012—Senior Nate Marshall’s passion for poetry helped him find his voice – and his calling Nate Marshall is all about the words. He started writing poetry in grammar school, and in the eighth grade, when a poem he wrote got him detention, Marshall realized two things: His words could have an impact, and he’d have...

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Rogue stars ejected from the galaxy found in intergalactic space

Apr. 30, 2012—Astronomers have identified nearly 700 rogue stars that appear to have been ejected from the Milky Way galaxy.

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Vanderbilt digital archive recovers lost Civil Rights voices

Apr. 27, 2012—Digitized versions of the original reel-to-reel recordings that author Robert Penn Warren conducted with Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and other key leaders in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement are now searchable through the Who Speaks for the Negro website housed at Vanderbilt University.

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Two Vanderbilt humanities professors named Guggenheim fellows

Apr. 24, 2012—Two humanities professors in Vanderbilt University’s College of Arts and Science have been named 2012 Fellows by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.

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Diversity aided mammals’ survival over deep time

Apr. 23, 2012—The first study of how mammals in North America adapted to climate change in “deep time” found that taxonomical families with greater diversity were more stable and maintained larger ranges than less diverse families.

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Vanderbilt University Board of Trust approves four new members

Apr. 20, 2012—Two business leaders in the field of private equity investment, a marketing executive and a graduating Ingram Scholar are the newest members of the Vanderbilt University Board of Trust.

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Colin Dayan named to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Apr. 18, 2012—Colin Dayan, the Robert Penn Warren Professor in the Humanities at Vanderbilt University, has been named to a distinguished class of leaders from academia, business, public affairs, humanities and the arts, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences announced April 17.

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Crime and punishment: the neurobiological roots of modern justice

Apr. 18, 2012—Neuroscientists from Vanderbilt and Harvard have proposed the first neurobiological model for third-party punishment, outlining potential cognitive and brain processes that evolutionary pressures could have re-purposed to make this behavior possible.

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Common Ground

Apr. 5, 2012—Amy-Jill Levine explores the shared heritage of Christianity and Judaism Amy-Jill Levine was always fascinated by Christianity. She recalls singing Christmas carols in public school in North Dartmouth, Mass.; joining friends to trim Christmas trees and hunt for Easter eggs. Then a schoolmate accused her, “You killed our Lord.” That confrontation was life changing. Levine...

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Relevance of medieval water practices to today’s designs focus of talk

Apr. 3, 2012—James Wescoat, the Aga Khan Professor of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will address “Water and Work in the Mughal Landscape” at 4:10 p.m. in Cohen Hall, Room 203.

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Listen: From barbecue to Burt, Southern lit conference covers the gamut

Mar. 23, 2012—Approximately 150 professors and graduate students from across the nation with expertise in Southern writing and related topics will gather in Nashville March 29-31 for the Society for the Study of Southern Literature’s biannual conference. This year’s theme is anniversaries, according to Michael Kreyling, the Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of English and president of the professional support...

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