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Ann Price

Wente appoints new Faculty Athletics Committee

Sep. 12, 2019—A new Faculty Athletics Committee—one of the recommendations of the Faculty Senate Task Force on University Athletics—will devote attention to issues at the intersection of academics and athletics at Vanderbilt.

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Ann Price named Vanderbilt faculty athletics representative

Aug. 27, 2019—Alumna Ann Hutcheson Price, an associate dean in the School of Medicine, will serve as Vanderbilt’s faculty athletics representative, following her appointment by Interim Chancellor and Provost Susan R. Wente.

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Faculty Senate elects leadership for 2016-17

Aug. 17, 2016—The Faculty Senate, the representative and deliberative body of the Vanderbilt faculties, has elected its leadership for 2016-17.

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Faculty Senate to focus on engagement for 2015-16

Oct. 8, 2015—Improving communication with faculty and better engaging faculty members in its efforts are top goals of this year’s Faculty Senate, according to Richard Willis, chair for 2015-16.

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Faculty Senate launches Senate Volunteer Bank

Sep. 28, 2015—The Senate Volunteer Bank will give faculty members the opportunity to potentially serve on future committees by providing their contact information and indicating their areas of service interest.

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Faculty Senate introduces leaders; newsletter to launch in October

Sep. 16, 2015—The Faculty Senate, the representative and deliberative body of the Vanderbilt faculties, introduces its leadership for 2015-16.

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A conversation with Faculty Senate Chair Paul Lim

Oct. 22, 2014—The Faculty Senate will play a key role in setting priorities and identifying resources in support of the university's Academic Strategic Plan, among other initiatives, according to Paul Lim, senate chair for 2014-15.

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