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Dillehay receives $510K to study role of gold mining in colonization of South America

Aug. 20, 2018—Anthropology professor Tom Dillehay and co-investigators will undertake anthropological, historical, engineering and geological studies to uncover the many forces shaping the development of the southern Andes.

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Vanderbilt, Minpaku scholars join to study forced resettlement during Spanish Conquest

Mar. 30, 2016—Steven Wernke, associate professor of anthropology, will team up with Akira Saito, an anthropologist with Japan's renowned Museum of Ethnology, to promote scholarly exchange on a significant but little-studied chapter in colonial South American history.

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CNN iReport: Possible ancient solar calender discovered near Sayan, Peru

Aug. 1, 2013—A possible Pre-Hispanic solar calender was documented last week by Vanderbilt archaeology graduate student Kasia Szremski near the small town of Casa Vieja in the Andean foothills of Peru.

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