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Patient’s efforts help shine light on plasma cell disorder

Apr. 5, 2018—Charlotte Haffner, Vanderbilt’s first patient to undergo a heart transplant followed by a stem cell transplant to treat a plasma cell disorder called primary AL amyloidosis, now she dedicates her time to raising awareness about the rare disease.

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Alzheimer’s proteins in ICU survivors

Mar. 27, 2018—The cognitive impairment that affects patients who survive a stay in the ICU does not appear to have a similar mechanism to Alzheimer’s disease, Vanderbilt researchers have discovered.

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Vitamin C deficiency and mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease

Dec. 1, 2017—Recent findings suggest that vitamin C deficiency could contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, suggesting that avoiding deficiency through diet and supplementation could protect against disease onset.

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Protein structure may aid in treating Alzheimer’s disease

Apr. 27, 2017—A new protein structure may guide the development of Alzheimer's therapeutics.

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Multidisciplinary team takes on rare plasma cell disorder

Dec. 6, 2012—The Vanderbilt Amyloid Multidisciplinary Program (VAMP) is a new approach to treating a rare and misunderstood disease that can kill its victims before they understand what they have been diagnosed with.

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Alzheimer’s protein structure suggests new treatment directions

May. 31, 2012—The molecular structure of a protein involved in Alzheimer’s disease – and the surprising discovery that it binds cholesterol – could lead to new therapeutics for the memory-robbing disease.

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