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    Message from the Alumni Association President: Support Student Internships

    Internships have the potential to transform students’ lives by providing hands-on experiences and access to professional networks. Alumni play an important role in making internship opportunities possible. Approximately 70 percent of graduating Vanderbilt seniors report completing an internship. Vanderbilt students’ internships run the gamut—from conducting medical research and working on… Read More

    Feb 17, 2020

  • Portrait of Alumni Association Board President Dan Lovinger

    Message from the Alumni Association President

    Impacting Alumni Careers Dan Lovinger Vanderbilt alumni truly are Vanderbilt for Life. By giving back as volunteers and donors, we directly impact future alumni and prepare them to take the next steps in their lives. Many help students find their way in the real world by… Read More

    May 23, 2019

  • Portrait of Alumni Association Board President Dan Lovinger

    No one is an island. We are all connected.

    Dan Lovinger Few times in my life has this concept been more evident than while I was a student at Vanderbilt. With access to a broad range of ideas and perspectives, I quickly understood the importance of engaging individuals whose lives and stories could impact my own. At… Read More

    Feb 19, 2019