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Army pilot’s mission to serve the most vulnerable leads her to Vanderbilt

Nov. 4, 2019—U.S. Army combat veteran Mandi Mizner has devoted her life to serving her country and others. She's continuing that mission of service at Vanderbilt School of Nursing as a Bass Military Scholar.

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Joe Sestak: “After Afghanistan: The National Security Challenges of the Next Decade”

Apr. 8, 2013—Joe Sestak, the highest-ranking military official ever elected to Congress, addressed future national security issues for the United States during an April 4 lecture co-sponsored by the History and Political Science departments. His talk is titled “After Afghanistan: The National Security Challenges of the Next Decade.” Sestak is also a former U.S. Navy three-star admiral....

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Vanderbilt professor reacts to video of alleged Marines in Afghanistan

Jan. 12, 2012—Video purporting to show four U.S. marines urinating on dead Afghani fighters, if verified, would clearly fall under the category of a war crime, says a Vanderbilt University law professor.

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Vanderbilt physicians find answers to medical health mystery attacking returning service men and women

Jul. 30, 2010—What happens when significant breathing problems attack military men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and there is no medical explanation as to why? This is a story about dedicated military people and Vanderbilt University doctors who believed these men and women deserved some answers.

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VUCast: Helping troops fight a medical mystery and a Dore hits the small screen

Jul. 30, 2010—VUCast: Vanderbilt doctors uncover why troops are returning from the Middle East with a mysterious breathing problem. Plus, why Peabody is offering a unique new master’s program for free.

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