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Class of 2015: Caroline Hatfield mines insight from studying the female image

May. 5, 2015—If you’re funny, you don’t have to be perfect. That’s what senior Caroline Hatfield discovered in a research project about the cultural expectations by which female celebrities are judged compared to how society judges female comedians.

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Class of 2015: Nolan Michael Smith combines coding and collaboration

May. 5, 2015—Engineering senior Nolan Michael Smith never expected to be sitting in a laboratory waiting for a toddler to sign off on an app he designed. But that’s what happened when the computer science major agreed to collaborate with researchers at Peabody College.

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Faculty study group releases vision, priorities for graduate education

May. 4, 2015—Recruiting and retaining exceptional and diverse graduate students who will go on to become leaders in their fields is the top priority for graduate education at Vanderbilt, a report from a faculty study group says.

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Global Support Services launched to support international scholarship

May. 4, 2015—Providing coordinated support for international collaboration and research by Vanderbilt faculty and staff is the aim of a new office, Global Support Services, launched this spring by the Office of the Provost.

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Class of 2015: Holly Glass digs into the past and embraces her heritage

Apr. 30, 2015—Holly Glass arrived at Vanderbilt feeling “weird and different.” She kept to herself her identity as a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Checking in four years later, things are entirely different.

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Class of 2015: Ben Shane maps his own journey

Apr. 30, 2015—Ben Shane is not easily labeled, which is what makes him an ideal Curb Scholar. The motorcycle aficionado has described himself as “enjoying ancient Chinese poetry, modern American fiction and Taylor Swift.”

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Class of 2015: Angela Mosley turns collective history into community action

Apr. 30, 2015—For the past two years, honors psychology major Angela Mosley has studied racial and ethnic health disparities in the Southeast. Mosley knew she wanted to study the subject after taking professor David Schlundt’s course on health psychology.

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Class of 2015: Augie Phillips, Ted Moock and Dan McNeill find harmony in the Melodores

Apr. 29, 2015—It’s safe to say that Dan McNeill, Ted Moock and Augie Phillips always will remember what they were doing on Dec. 17, 2014. That evening they tuned in to NBC to watch the Melodores, a student a cappella group, compete on "The Sing-Off" holiday special.

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VUCast: Building a Better App

Apr. 29, 2015—In the latest VUCast: See how a School of Engineering senior is improving children’s educational apps; hear about the “revolution” our Senior Day speaker will share with graduates; and learn how Vanderbilt is investing in Tennessee. Watch now!

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Class of 2015: Junyi Chu brings global perspective to helping children learn

Apr. 28, 2015—Is there a better way to teach kids math? Senior Junyi Chu, a child development and cognitive studies major, is using her honors thesis to explore that question.

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Class of 2015: Nora Pertz follows her musical passions abroad

Apr. 23, 2015—At 14, Nora Pertz began pestering her mother to let her study abroad. And ever since her high school piano teacher found the program in Vienna, Austria, in which Pertz studied piano the summer before starting Vanderbilt, she has never looked back.

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Class of 2015: Simeng Miao finds encouragement in mentorship and research

Apr. 23, 2015—When Simeng Miao was a first-year student living in Hank Ingram House, she often spent Friday evenings in the residence of faculty head of house Dr. Kyla Terhune. For Miao, who had long dreamed of becoming a physician, the relationship was significant.

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