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More nasty ads expected outcome of Supreme Court ruling

Jan. 21, 2010—Count on more political attack ads in 2010 after a Supreme Court ruling lifting the ban on corporation and labor donations, according to Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer.

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TIPSHEET: Grading Obama: Vanderbilt presidential experts offer analysis

Jan. 19, 2010—Vanderbilt experts David Lewis, John Geer and Thomas Schwartz are available to discuss the one-year anniversary of the Obama presidency and his Jan. 27 State of the Union address.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt expert can talk about history of Haiti in light of earthquake

Jan. 14, 2010—Haiti expert Colin Dayan is available to discuss the aftermath of the devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Haiti that has killed tens of thousands and affected 3 million Haitians. Dayan, whose mother and other family members are Haitian, spent the first two decades of her career studying Haiti and is the author of Haiti, History, and the Gods. She can speak on most aspects of Haitian history, including the theory brought up by evangelist Pat Robertson that a pact with the devil by Haitian slaves in 1791 is responsible for the disaster.

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Terrorist threats unlikely to boost Obama‘s approval rating, VU professor finds

Jan. 12, 2010—President Barack Obama, unlike George W. Bush, is not likely to enjoy a surge in public approval after terrorism threats, according to research by Vanderbilt University political scientist Elizabeth Zechmeister and her colleague. Zechmeister, assistant professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, and Jennifer Merolla, associate professor at Claremont Graduate University, are the co-authors of Democracy at Risk: How Terrorist Threats Affect the Public (University of Chicago Press).

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Beginning of a Decade TIPSHEET – Politics and Government

Dec. 14, 2009—As you consider year-in-review stories and look ahead to the trends of 2010, Vanderbilt University faculty are available to offer perspective on these and other topics.

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Clashing worldviews a key to understanding voter polarization, VU professor says

Nov. 18, 2009—The recent vote in Congress on health care reform – with only one Republican lawmaker voting yes – provides more evidence of the growing polarization between the parties and the fundamentally different understandings of right and wrong that continue to pull the two major political parties further apart, according to Vanderbilt University political scientist Marc Hetherington.

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Vanderbilt professor takes on media bias

Nov. 13, 2009—A little respect could go a long way to preserving democracy in America, says Vanderbilt professor Bob Talisse in his new book.

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Terrorist warnings affect political attitudes, says Vanderbilt researcher

Sep. 1, 2009—When citizens in the United States and Mexico are confronted by terrorist threats, they cope in ways that can put significant stresses on the nations' democracies, according to research by political scientists at Vanderbilt and Claremont.

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Obama’s appointees: some strong, some not, Vanderbilt expert finds

Aug. 25, 2009—A Vanderbilt University political scientist's study of President Obama's appointments during his first six months in office finds some agencies are receiving significantly more qualified presidential appointees than others.

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Why Obama’s birth certificate issue won’t go away: Vanderbilt expert

Jul. 30, 2009—The controversy over President Obama's birth certificate will not go away as long as he refuses to release sealed records, including the original birth certificate, according to Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University.

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VU sociologists analyze American music forms and their changes over time

May. 28, 2009—Vanderbilt sociologists Jennifer Lena and Richard Peterson analyzed 60 samples of American music and found that each one --over time -- took on forms that were roughly comparable during their developmental sequences. The professors call these four distinct genre types Avant-garde, Scene-based, Industry-based and Traditionalist. "Classification as Culture: Types and Trajectories of Music Genres" has been published in the American Sociological Review.

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Conventional views on liberalism and Black Power challenged by VU professor

May. 22, 2009—Black Power's complex relationship with liberalism during the civil rights era and the surprising consequences of that interaction are explored in Devin Fergus' book Liberalism, Black Power, and the Making of American Politics, 1965-1980.

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