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Life, Earth and Space

Award-winning essay predicts dark energy will be the death of cosmology

May. 24, 2007—Fast forward to a civilization about three trillion years in the future. Astronomers at that time equipped with instruments equal to those of today would likely come to a much different conclusion about the basic nature of the universe, one that harks back to static models that were popular at the turn of the century.

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Cosmologically speaking, diamonds may actually be forever

Apr. 25, 2007—If you've ever wondered about the ultimate fate of the universe, Lawrence Krauss and Robert Scherrer have some good news...sort of.

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Study uncovers a chemical signal crucial to heart formation

Mar. 27, 2007—A new Vanderbilt University study has identified a chemical signal that plays a critical role in forming the heart, which could lead to new strategies to combat congenital heart defects.

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Sloan Foundation awards Vanderbilt physicist for ‘exceptional promise’

Mar. 12, 2007—An assistant professor of physics at Vanderbilt University has won a $45,000 research fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation aimed at encouraging promising young scholars.

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Physics Nobel laureate to speak on quarks at Vanderbilt

Mar. 7, 2007— Nobel laureate Jerome Friedman will describe the long and controversial debate about quarks — the smaller particles that make up protons and neutrons in the atomic nucleus — during the annual Francis G. Slack Lecture on Friday, March 16.

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