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The brain’s role in violence; Vanderbilt researcher examines how brain science could affect legal responsibility

Apr. 19, 2007—A man with no prior history of sexual misconduct was caught trying to molest a child. A brain scan found that he had a large tumor pressing on his right frontal cortex. When the tumor was removed, he no longer wanted to molest children. A suicidal man tried to kill himself with a crossbow. When the arrow went into his skull, the damage done to his prefrontal cortex reversed his anti-social tendencies.

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Why do women earn less than men?; Two Vanderbilt economists explain this persistent issue and show which professions are worst at pay parity

Apr. 9, 2007—In this day and age women are CEO's, senators, construction workers, stock brokers, economists and more. Women have made their way into every aspect of the workforce and comprise 46 percent of employees. Yet women consistently earn less than men.

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Apology and forgiveness in resolving conflicts; Experts come to Vanderbilt to learn how apology and dispute resolution interact with law

Mar. 9, 2007—Violent crime, racial oppression, ethnic tensions, mass atrocities and transitioning societies are all volatile situations that could be helped with effective conflict resolution techniques, including apology and forgiveness. But the complex emotional transition necessary for effective conflict resolution becomes even more complicated in the context of group conflicts. A conference being held at Vanderbilt Law School on March 30-31 will provide a unique opportunity to explore trends in conflict resolution.

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Food security: helping make the world‘s food supply safe

Feb. 1, 2007— Researchers will present papers on a series of topics including the impact of agro-terrorism; the role of international agreements in achieving food security; what tragedy teaches us about 100-year-old food laws; food-borne infections and the global food supply and regulating food aid in disasters.

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Skin color and salary; Lighter and taller equals a bigger paycheck for immigrants

Jan. 25, 2007— A new study by a Vanderbilt University professor of law and economics found legal immigrants in the United States with a lighter skin tone made more money than those with darker skin.

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