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Seven easy actions you can do today to save the environment and gas

Oct. 20, 2008—New Vanderbilt research identifies seven simple actions individuals can start today that have the potential to dramatically reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

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Current and future health care leaders tackle biggest health care issues

Oct. 16, 2008—The Health Care Business Alliance will bring together leaders from a diverse group of local and national health care companies with health care MBA and MHA students to discuss the latest challenges and future innovations of this vital industry.

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Oct. 3, 2008—John McCain Needs Game-Changer: Campaign and polling expert John Geer says Barack Obama should strive to look presidential and avoid major mistakes in the remaining two presidential debates, while John McCain needs a game-changing event to shake up the race. However, with economic troubles looming, that could be difficult for the GOP nominee. (Vanderbilt has a campus broadcast facility with a dedicated fiber optic line for live TV interviews and a radio ISDN line) For a full list of election experts and news coverage, visit ElectionVU 2008.

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Vanderbilt law professor gives dramatic inside look into the trial of Saddam Hussein

Sep. 4, 2008—Vanderbilt law professor Mike Newton played a pivotal role in the creation of the Iraqi Special Tribunal that tried Saddam Hussein. In a new book titled “Enemy of the State,” Newton and his co-author Michael Scharf give a historic recounting of the Saddam trial with a behind-the-scenes look inside the drama and tragedy surrounding it.

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What the Democrats need to accomplish at their convention

Aug. 25, 2008—With the national polls continuing to show a close race, the stakes of the upcoming Democratic convention are huge for Barack Obama and the Democrats.

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Local youth offender program saves participants and taxpayer dollars

Aug. 4, 2008—When young people are released from juvenile detention, jail or prison, one of the biggest concerns for society is how to prevent that offender from repeating those bad actions. A new study led by Mark Cohen, an economist and professor at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management, found that the re-entry program for youth offenders called YouthBuild reduced criminal activity, raised graduation rates and created a substantial cost-benefit for taxpayers.

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Improving the business of health care

Jun. 17, 2008—There\'s more to great health care than medicine. While physicians, nurses and hospital administrators are experts at patient care, they often lack the business skills needed to be effective managers. The new Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care is a one-year degree program designed to arm clinical professionals with the business fundamentals and decision-making skills needed to successfully manage people, programs and processes.

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Tackling climate change from every angle; Vanderbilt experts from diverse disciplines join to research and fight climate change

Apr. 21, 2008—Climate change is widely regarded as one of the most difficult problems facing modern society. Though manufacturers are responsible for much of the emissions in the United States, individuals play a big part in the problem.

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Respect for private property strongly tied to civil liberty; Vanderbilt professor explains new federal developments impacting property rights

Dec. 4, 2007—Property rights play a pivotal role in fashioning American constitutional order. New research by renowned legal historian and Vanderbilt professor of law and history James W. Ely Jr. traces the historical relationship between private property ownership and political liberty.

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TIPSHEET: ‘Tis the (holiday retail) season! Vanderbilt marketing experts available

Nov. 26, 2007—With the holiday shopping season here, marketing experts from the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management are available to discuss a range of retail business and consumer issues.

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The real cost of cigarettes to smokers: $222 a pack; Vanderbilt professors estimate the economic effect smoking has on smokers

Nov. 26, 2007—How much does a pack of cigarettes really cost a smoker? While past studies have focused on the cost of cigarette smoking to society, a new report by two Vanderbilt University professors looks at the cost of smoking per pack in terms of the value of the risks to the smoker‘s life.

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Vanderbilt receives grant from Nasdaq Stock Market; Owen Graduate School of Management will study financial markets

Nov. 21, 2007—The Nasdaq Stock Market Educational Foundation Inc. has awarded the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management a $45,000 grant to support Owen‘s Financial Markets Research Center (FMRC).

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