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How the brain thinks about crime and punishment

Dec. 10, 2008—In a pioneering, interdisciplinary study combining law and neuroscience, researchers at Vanderbilt University peered inside people's minds to watch how the brain thinks about crime and punishment.

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Payday loan problem: financial ‘quick fix’ leads to personal bankruptcy

Dec. 4, 2008—New research by Vanderbilt Law School Assistant Professor Paige Marta Skiba found that payday loan applicants who received the quick cash after their first application were significantly more likely to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy than those whose initial application was denied.

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Having privately and publicly managed prisons in the same state brings benefits

Nov. 21, 2008—New Vanderbilt research finds that states can save a substantial amount of money if they use a shared system of both privately and publicly managed prisons. The savings don't come from the use of private prisons alone, but

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New AmericasBarometer Insights offers concise public policy analyses

Nov. 14, 2008—Results from an unprecedented collection of public opinion data in 23 nations on wide-ranging political issues and their policy implications are included in the new AmericasBarometer Insights, a series of short studies now available to the public.

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TIPSHEET: Education, health care expected to be among Obama’s priorities: Vanderbilt experts

Nov. 7, 2008—Vanderbilt experts are available to comment on education, immigration and health care policy.

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Experts: Obama will move quickly to show he’s ready to govern

Nov. 7, 2008—Political pundits have time to reflect in the days ahead on the reasons behind Barack Obama's historic election as the first African American president, but the president-elect must focus immediately on his transition and the challenges ahead, according to several Vanderbilt professors.

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2008 presidential election signals transition: Vanderbilt experts

Oct. 31, 2008—A smooth presidential transition with an emphasis on advance preparation and avoidance of past pitfalls is crucial to a strong start for the next administration, says political scientist David E. Lewis. Vanderbilt experts are available to discuss the many aspects of this year\'s presidential election.

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Employers beware: aggressive job negotiations can have long-term impact on employer-employee relationships

Oct. 23, 2008—Research conducted by professors Ray Friedman and Neta Moye finds that the perceived mistreatment of potential employees during the recruitment process has a significant and lasting impact on workers' long-term relationships with employers.

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Seven easy actions you can do today to save the environment and gas

Oct. 20, 2008—New Vanderbilt research identifies seven simple actions individuals can start today that have the potential to dramatically reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

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Current and future health care leaders tackle biggest health care issues

Oct. 16, 2008—The Health Care Business Alliance will bring together leaders from a diverse group of local and national health care companies with health care MBA and MHA students to discuss the latest challenges and future innovations of this vital industry.

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Oct. 3, 2008—John McCain Needs Game-Changer: Campaign and polling expert John Geer says Barack Obama should strive to look presidential and avoid major mistakes in the remaining two presidential debates, while John McCain needs a game-changing event to shake up the race. However, with economic troubles looming, that could be difficult for the GOP nominee. (Vanderbilt has a campus broadcast facility with a dedicated fiber optic line for live TV interviews and a radio ISDN line) For a full list of election experts and news coverage, visit ElectionVU 2008.

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Vanderbilt law professor gives dramatic inside look into the trial of Saddam Hussein

Sep. 4, 2008—Vanderbilt law professor Mike Newton played a pivotal role in the creation of the Iraqi Special Tribunal that tried Saddam Hussein. In a new book titled “Enemy of the State,” Newton and his co-author Michael Scharf give a historic recounting of the Saddam trial with a behind-the-scenes look inside the drama and tragedy surrounding it.

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