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Vanderbilt professor named Securities and Exchange Commission’s chief economist

May. 20, 2011—Vanderbilt finance professor Craig M. Lewis has been named as the new director of the SEC's Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation and chief economist of the SEC.

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Why VW scored at the Super Bowl

May. 18, 2011—The reason Volkswagen’s Star Wars-themed Super Bowl ad featuring a lovable little Darth Vader worked so well may lie in its narrative complexity, says Vanderbilt marketing professor Jennifer Escalas.

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Vanderbilt finance professors open NASDAQ stock exchange

Apr. 20, 2011—Vanderbilt finance professors Robert Whaley and Jacob Sagi rang the opening bell for Nasdaq OMX in New York on Tuesday, April 19, to celebrate the start of options trading on a new group of indexes the pair developed to help protect stock gains from market fluctuations.

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OpEd: Justice: Too much and too expensive

Apr. 18, 2011—Legal experts Nancy J. King and Joseph Hoffmann propose a new approach to habeas corpus cases, in this op-ed which ran in the April 17, 2011, New York Times.

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Carbon labeling: putting the power in consumer’s hands

Mar. 29, 2011—A private carbon labeling system could help make a dent in greenhouse gas emissions by leveraging consumer purchasing power.

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Medical mistakes interfere with hospitals’ ‘do no harm’ aim

Mar. 18, 2011—A clear safety culture and “conceptual toolkit” are needed to reduce medical mistakes, research from Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management finds.

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Campaign spending’s clear winner: Corporations

Mar. 2, 2011—Researchers discover corporations gain clear financial benefits when individual employees make political donations.

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The Invisible Line: American families’ journeys from black to white

Feb. 17, 2011—African Americans have continually crossed the color line and assimilated into white communities since the 17th century, without science or surgery. A new book reveals how, and why.

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What fourth-down decisions in pro football tell us about deadlines and risky decision making

Feb. 2, 2011—Try asking any Monday morning quarterback about blown fourth-down play calls in the NFL and you are guaranteed passionate opinions. In most fourth-down plays, an NFL team will punt or try for a field goal. But, occasionally, teams decide to do something that is viewed as risky – attempt a fourth-down conversion or “go for...

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Can lessons from manufacturing cure health care?

Feb. 1, 2011—Using Vanderbilt University’s Trauma Care Center as a case study, Owen Graduate School of Management professor Nancy Lea Hyer asks how operations management can help improve health care. With millions of new patients coming into the U.S. health care system over the next decade, the term “operations” is taking on a whole new meaning in...

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Vanderbilt law professor gives input to first report from White House commission on bioethics

Dec. 16, 2010—The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues released its first report Thursday focusing on the emerging field of synthetic biology. Vanderbilt associate professor of law and philosophy Nita Farahany is on the bioethics commission. Synthetic biology is research that combines elements of biology, engineering, genetics, chemistry, and computer science. Achievements in synthetic biology...

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Five cheats for catching hedge fund cheaters

Nov. 18, 2010—[Media Note: Vanderbilt has a 24/7 TV and radio studio with a dedicated fiber optic line and ISDN line. Use of the TV studio with Vanderbilt experts is free, except for reserving fiber time. A high resolution photo of Nicolas Bollen is available here.] As hedge funds come under tighter scrutiny with the federal government’s recently passed...

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