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Mechanical engineering grad student wins NASA space research fellowship

Apr. 14, 2016—Vanderbilt graduate student Darren Tinker has been selected by NASA for its 2016 class of Space Technology Research Fellows.

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Measuring drought impact in more than dollars and cents

Apr. 13, 2016—A pair of Vanderbilt doctoral students has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of graduate students from around the country to conduct a multi-faceted study of how people are affected by and responding to drought conditions in the United States.

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New MOOC will teach core Java programming

Apr. 6, 2016—The Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning has launched Java for Android, a massive open online course that will teach students from around the world how to apply core Java programming languages, features and software patterns in Android, the dominant platform for developing and deploying mobile device apps.

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Technology and learning theorist to deliver engineering school’s Schmidt Lecture April 13

Apr. 5, 2016—A leading theorist and researcher on how technology impacts learning, George Siemens thinks digitization of content and interaction has profound implications on teaching and learning and the organization of universities in general.

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Wilson receives National Science Foundation CAREER Award

Apr. 4, 2016—John T. Wilson, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, has received an NSF Faculty Early Career Development award. The five-year, $500,000 grant will allow him to develop new synthetic materials for “encoding” immunological messages and tightly regulating their delivery to the organs, cells and pathways of the immune system.

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Senior Design team uses lasers to cut waste in credit card production

Apr. 4, 2016—Vanderbilt seniors have designed a new method that improves the accuracy of magnetic strip placement during the manufacture of payment cards.

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Biomedical engineering undergrads retrofit toy car for toddler’s special needs

Apr. 4, 2016—Undergraduates taking Amanda Lowery’s Material Manipulations course have redesigned a toy car so a two-year-old with cerebral palsy can drive it.

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Research Internet to expand tenfold

Mar. 14, 2016—As the result of a joint faculty and staff project, Vanderbilt’s digital pipeline to the outside world will expand tenfold in the next few months, making it much easier for campus researchers to send and receive the increasingly large data files characteristic of cutting-edge scientific and medical research.

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FDA approves Vanderbilt-designed Indego exoskeleton for clinical and personal use

Mar. 10, 2016—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given clearance to market and sell the powered lower-limb exoskeleton created by a team of Vanderbilt engineers and commercialized by the Parker Hannifin Corporation for both clinical and personal use in the United States.

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How to make electric vehicles that actually reduce carbon

Mar. 2, 2016—Scientists from Vanderbilt and George Washington universities have worked out a way to make electric vehicles that not only are carbon neutral but carbon negative.

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Graduate students compete in fourth annual Three Minute Thesis competition

Mar. 1, 2016—Vanderbilt graduate students demonstrated that they can summarize their 80,000-word theses in less than three minutes using terms that members of the public can understand during this year's Three Minute Thesis competition.

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Media advisory: Local students put their bridge-building skill to the test

Feb. 24, 2016—The American Society of Civil Engineers' Music City Bridge Building Competition is being held Saturday, Feb. 27 at Vanderbilt University's Laboratory for Systems Integrity and Reliability.

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