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Education and Psychology

Citing academic gains, researchers encourage testing educator performance pay

Sep. 4, 2007—New research from Vanderbilt University and the University of Missouri-Columbia suggests that performance pay for teachers and administrators often has a positive impact on student achievement and should be explored by states and school districts. Their findings are the result of a review of six large current or planned performance-pay programs and the U.S. Department of Education's $500 million Teacher Incentive Fund implemented under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

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Educators must move beyond excuses to empower urban African American males

Aug. 29, 2007—Helping African American males succeed in urban schools can seem like an intractable problem, but applying some basic principles that empower teachers and students is a key part of the answer, finds Vanderbilt University education researcher H. Richard Milner. In a new article in the journal Theory Into Practice, he argues that teachers and school leaders must move beyond making excuses to turn around failing schools.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt higher education experts available for back-to-school stories

Aug. 20, 2007—Vanderbilt University higher education experts are available for back-to-school interviews on admissions, tuition, financial aid, rankings, higher education policy and reform, immigration and higher education, and more.

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Military base schools boost student achievement by supporting whole family

Jun. 6, 2007—The Pentagon is not the first place to which policy makers look for ideas on increasing parental involvement in education, but they should, according to Vanderbilt University education researcher Claire Smrekar.

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New tool to shed light on, improve teen mental health services, education

May. 15, 2007—Can you imagine an archer trying to improve her accuracy by practicing blindfolded, never seeing how close she was to hitting her target, never getting any information to help correct her aim?

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt education experts presenting new research on student achievement, charter schools and more in Chicago April 9-13

Apr. 9, 2007—Education experts from Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of education and human development will be presenting their latest research April 9-13, 2007, in Chicago at the American Educational Research Association's annual conference.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt expert can comment on why handwriting still counts; National Handwriting Day to be recognized Jan. 23

Jan. 18, 2007— Many of today‘s students reach for a keyboard rather than a pencil to communicate their thoughts. But they just might be typing their way to the back of the class, according to Vanderbilt writing expert Steve Graham.

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Vanderbilt policy center taking pulse of education in Tennessee; New poll released as part of ongoing statewide education policy initiative

Jan. 4, 2007— The Vanderbilt Peabody Center for Education Policy is undertaking an ongoing initiative to generate, share, debate and discuss the latest information on the state of education in Tennessee.

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