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Bad buzz about blue-eyed cicadas

Jun. 2, 2011—Have you heard the latest buzz going round that scientists at Vanderbilt are paying as much as $3,000 for specimens of the rare blue-eyed cicada? If you have, I hope you haven’t spent a lot of time checking out cicadas’ eye color, because it is a hoax.  Most cicadas have red eyes, but a very...

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Laboratory throws away cookbooks in pursuit of discovery

May. 20, 2011—In an educational environment increasingly characterized by canned and virtual science experiments that always come out right, Vanderbilt’s alternative introductory biology laboratory (BSC 111c) stands out because the students are asked to design experiments as well as conduct them and, above all, because they are given the freedom to fail. “This gives the students a...

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From Yugoslavia to endowed chair: six pillars of academic success

May. 18, 2011—I arrived in the states 21 years ago as a student, from what was to become the war-torn country of Yugoslavia. Twenty-one years later I am holding a title of James G. Blakemore Chair and vice chair for basic science research at the Department of Psychiatry at one of the most prestigious universities in the...

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Prof. Rosenthal goes to Washington

May. 13, 2011—Last Wednesday, Sandra Rosenthal and Scott Niezgoda accepted the invitation of Christina West, Vanderbilt’s assistant vice chancellor for federal relations, to represent Vanderbilt at the Coalition for National Science Funding’s Capitol Hill day and exhibition. Rosenthal is the Jack and Pamela Eagan Professor of Chemistry and director of the Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and...

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Cicadas 101: All buzz, no bite

May. 12, 2011—  Vanderbilt commencement speakers may have some unusual competition this year: Nashville’s largest brood of cicadas are predicted to emerge in May and hang around for about five or six weeks. Besides their practice of appearing in 13- or 17-year cycles, cicadas are best known for the buzzing and clicking sounds that they make, which...

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Investment in biomedical research yields jobs, billions in return

May. 11, 2011—Federal investment in scientific research is a major driver of job growth and economic activity, two economic reports released Tuesday indicate. The reports were released as budget deliberations got underway on Capitol Hill demonstrate the impact of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding on U.S. job growth and global competitiveness. One of the reports, from...

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Attacking malaria on several fronts

Apr. 27, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers are using a variety of approaches to hasten the beginning of the end of malaria.

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Get some science with your coffee

Apr. 25, 2011—"Genetics Today" was the subject of a recent Science Café, a monthly free scientific exploration held at Nashville coffee shop Fido and sponsored by the Adventure Science Center.

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Vandy rocketeers strike again

Apr. 22, 2011—Last Sunday, Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Club participated in a major NASA rocket competition at Huntsville, Alabama and came away with a first place award for their payload design. This is the fourth year that the Vanderbilt group has been invited to the NASA Student Launch Projects rocketry challenge and the second year in a row that...

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Build Haiti back better

Apr. 21, 2011—With the beginning of the spring rains, cholera is on the rise in Haiti once again. Pioneering Haitian physician Jean William "Bill" Pape is determined to be ready. "The new vision is to build back better," Pape said during this year's Tennessee Global Health Forum hosted by the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health.

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It takes a (global) village

Apr. 21, 2011—When the residents of Lwala, Kenya, raised $900 for a one-way ticket to send Milton Ochieng' to college in the United States nearly a decade ago, they could not have envisioned that he would return to build a medical clinic in the heart of their rural village near the shores of Lake Victoria.

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Vanderbilt: Laboratory for health care reform

Apr. 15, 2011—Vanderbilt University Medical Center is a laboratory for health care reform. Increasingly, Vanderbilt researchers are applying their expertise in informatics, genomics, drug discovery, basic science and clinical medicine to the solution of critical problems in patient care. Bedside checklists and electronic “dashboards” developed at Vanderbilt, for example, enable doctors and nurses to chart in exquisite...

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