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Human cells exhibit foraging behavior like amoebae and bacteria

Mar. 11, 2010—When cells move about in the body, they follow a complex pattern similar to that which amoebae and bacteria use when searching for food, a team of Vanderbilt researchers have found.

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TIPSHEET: Vanderbilt legal and military expert can talk about military commissions

Mar. 9, 2010—President Obama is now debating whether to have the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, prosecuted in a military tribunal, despite Attorney General Eric Holder's plan to try Mohammed in civilian court.

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Why taxing marijuana won’t work

Mar. 9, 2010—The current financial crisis hitting the United States has made the idea of legalizing and taxing marijuana much more attractive for debt-ridden states. California proponents claim they could generate more than a billion dollars by legalizing and taxing marijuana distribution and save millions more by reducing law enforcement costs on prohibition enforcement. But Vanderbilt University Law School professor Robert Mikos explains in a new paper why the seemingly clear way to make money by legalizing and taxing marijuana distribution has too many legal hurdles to actually work.

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Cross-disciplinary team builds on existing projects to tackle problems of poverty

Mar. 3, 2010—Problems of extreme poverty – from affordable housing to health care delivery to nutrition – will be the focus of efforts by a large number of students traveling this spring to Guatemala, where Vanderbilt already leads numerous sustained studies and initiatives.

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Watch: Engineering, Innovation, and the Challenges of the 21st Century

Feb. 24, 2010—Watch video beginning of a talk by Charles M. Vest, president of the National Academy of Engineering and President Emeritus, MIT.

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Vanderbilt physicists play key role in measuring material hotter than the sun

Feb. 19, 2010—Three Vanderbilt physicists are members of the scientific team that have reported creating an exotic state of matter with a temperature of four trillion degrees Celsius. It's the hottest temperature ever achieved in a laboratory and 250,000 times hotter than the heart of the sun.

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A new type of genetic variation could strengthen natural selection

Feb. 18, 2010—The unexpected discovery of a new type of genetic variation suggests that natural selection – the force that drives evolution – is both more powerful and more complex than scientists have thought.

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Watch: Vanderbilt students launch new apps for iPhone, Android

Feb. 17, 2010—Watch video about new applications developed by Vanderbilt engineering students for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Vanderbilt students launch new apps for iPhone, Android

Feb. 17, 2010—Finding out where to eat, what's happening and how to get around are common questions on every college campus. Now at Vanderbilt University, the answers to these questions can be quickly and easily found using new applications developed by Vanderbilt engineering students for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

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Scientists transplant nose of mosquito, advance fight against malaria

Feb. 16, 2010—Scientists at Vanderbilt and Yale universities have successfully transplanted most of the "nose" of the mosquito that spreads malaria into frog eggs and fruit flies and are employing these surrogates to combat the spread of the deadly and debilitating disease that afflicts 500 million people.

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Panel celebrates Darwin’s 200th birthday

Feb. 4, 2010—In celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, the Department of Biological Sciences and the Law School at Vanderbilt University are jointly sponsoring a panel discussion about the famous naturalist's life and research.

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More nasty ads expected outcome of Supreme Court ruling

Jan. 21, 2010—Count on more political attack ads in 2010 after a Supreme Court ruling lifting the ban on corporation and labor donations, according to Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer.

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