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Racist’s threats to have federal judge murdered “typical” of how he operates, says Vanderbilt expert

Jan. 9, 2003—Matthew Hale, arrested and charged yesterday in Chicago with soliciting the murder of federal judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, is a dangerous man leading a radical, well-established group, according to Carol M. Swain, professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University.

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Vanderbilt Law School professor recognized by Association of American Law Schools

Jan. 7, 2003—Robert Belton, professor of law at Vanderbilt University Law School, was awarded the Clyde Ferguson Award by the Minority Groups Section of the Association of American Law Schools at its annual meeting this month in Washington D.C.

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Colors of Justice the theme of events at Vanderbilt University Jan. 14-24 celebrating legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan. 6, 2003—A sneak preview of an award-winning documentary on whites’ and African-Americans’ views about the brutal, racially motivated murder of James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Texas, and a look at racial health disparities by former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher are just some of the highlights Jan. 14-24 during Vanderbilt University’s 2003 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Series – “Colors of Justice.”

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Vanderbilt, BusinessLINC and mayor’s office announce program to assist women- and minority-owned construction businesses

Jan. 3, 2003—Beginning in February, Vanderbilt University will host the Turner Construction Management Training Institute on campus to teach technical and managerial skills to leaders of minority- and women-owned construction businesses. The 16-week program will help participants improve profitability and build a reputation of efficiently managing construction contracts.

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Vanderbilt Law School announces two new faculty members

Jan. 2, 2003—Vanderbilt University Law School has announced a new clinical faculty member to lead its domestic violence clinical training program and a new assistant dean for library and information technology.

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Frist will make major role change as Senate leader, says Vanderbilt expert

Dec. 20, 2002—Tennessee would gain significant legislative clout should Sen. Bill Frist become the next majority leader, the powerful post would require a major role change for the heart surgeon.

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Vanderbilt faculty, students to explore parallels between Brazil-U.S. through innovative curriculum and exchange program

Dec. 19, 2002— Vanderbilt and Howard universities are joining with two Brazilian institutions to help ensure that their nations’ next generation of scholars, government officials and corporate executives will be prepared for the challenges of an increasingly global economy.

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David Mills joins Vanderbilt’s government relations team

Dec. 19, 2002— David Mills, a community advocate and political leader, has joined Vanderbilt\'s Office of Community, Neighborhood and Government Relations as assistant director for state policy and legislative affairs.

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Clinicians’ personal theories influence diagnoses of mental disorders

Dec. 17, 2002— Despite the considerable effort that leaders in the field of clinical psychology have taken to make the diagnosis of mental disorders an “objective” process, the theoretical beliefs of clinicians still appear to play a major role in the process.

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Gore’s decision raises former vice president’s political stature

Dec. 17, 2002— Al Gore’s announcement that he will not run for president in 2004 makes him seem less driven by political ambition, according to Vanderbilt University political scientist John Geer. In addition, the former vice president’s extensive knowledge of public policy and experience on the campaign trail are likely to be missed by Democratic party operatives, Geer says.

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Designing a robot that can sense human emotion

Dec. 16, 2002— Forget the robot child in the movie “AI.” Vanderbilt researchers Nilanjan Sarkar and Craig Smith have a less romantic but more practical idea in mind.

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James Morgan heads Vanderbilt University Alumni Association

Dec. 12, 2002— Charlotte stockbroker James H. Morgan has been elected president of the Vanderbilt University Alumni Association.

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