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University of North Texas graduate dean to chair Vanderbilt political science

Mar. 20, 2003—Neal Tate, dean of the Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies and Regents Professor of Political Science at the University of North Texas, has been appointed professor of political science and chair of the Department of Political Science at Vanderbilt.

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Women executives guide the next generation of leaders at seminar at Owen

Mar. 19, 2003—Top businesswomen including the head of Time Inc. will share their strategies for succeeding in the workplace with Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management and the local business community at the Committee of 200 Spring Outreach Seminar on April 4.

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Op-ed: Computers idle in public schools

Mar. 18, 2003—If Al Gore did indeed invent the Internet, it's time for him to return and teach America's public schools how to use it. Electronic technology has revolutionized 21st-century work, but not 21st-century learning.

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"InsideOut" look at Shakespeare over lunch, downtown

Mar. 17, 2003—Vanderbilt@TPAC@Vanderbilt@TPAC presents "Shakespeare: In and Out of Love" Thursday, March 20 at 11:30 a.m. in War Memorial Auditorium at Legislative Plaza.

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U.S. role in International Criminal Court the subject of lecture at Vanderbilt University Law School

Mar. 17, 2003—Ambassador David J. Scheffer, senior vice president of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), will discuss the role of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the United States’ position on the ICC at Vanderbilt University Law School on Thursday, March 27.

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Social Security reform the topic of McGee Lecture

Mar. 17, 2003—Peter Diamond, president of the American Economic Association, will speak about “Social Security Reform” at the McGee Lecture on March 27 at Vanderbilt University.

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Former supermodel to discuss sex, power and the media March 19

Mar. 17, 2003—Former supermodel Ann Simonton will cover topics ranging from corporate controlled media’s effects on democracy to issues of gender, violence and sexual intimacy during her lecture, “Sex, Power and the Media,” Wednesday, March 19, at Vanderbilt University.

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Op-ed: The Dangers of Preemption *

Mar. 16, 2003—To justify military action without Security Council approval, the president invoked the doctrine of "pre-emptive" self-defense. In doing so, he dismissed a centuries-old principle of international law and opened the door to a world of unknown dangers and grave moral challenges. Allison Marsten Danner, Vanderbilt University professor of law, collaborated with George Fisher, Stanford University professor of law, to write the following op-ed.

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"Understanding the Middle East" Series examines Islam and post-Saddam Iraq in two events

Mar. 14, 2003—Ebrahim E. I. Moosa presents "Re-Thinking Islam in Modernity" on March 20 and Kanan Makiya presents "The United States and Post-Saddam Iraq" on Wednesday, April 2.

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Vanderbilt to commemorate 130th anniversary of its founding

Mar. 14, 2003—The 130th anniversary of the founding of Vanderbilt University will be celebrated March 17 at 10 a.m. when the University’s leadership and other interested persons gather at the statue of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt.

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Politics, hypocrisy and international conflict bring immediacy to new production

Mar. 14, 2003—Rising Middle East tensions and self-centered government policies serve as the backdrop for Lee Blessing's drama "Two Rooms," April 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12.

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Interfaith group to examine issues of identity, sexuality and religion

Mar. 13, 2003—"A Letter to Harvey Milk" the one-man show about a week in the life of Harry Weinberg, a widower and Holocaust survivor living in San Francisco will be performed at the Schulman Center for Jewish Life March 25 at 7:30 p.m.

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