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My Southern Health: Measles, vaccines and protecting families

May. 17, 2019—Measles not only makes children feel really awful, but it can also have serious or possibly fatal complications. Joseph Gigante, M.D., a pediatrician at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, answers common questions about measles and the vaccine that can prevent it.

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Vanderbilt wins NASA’s 2019 Student Launch Competition, sixth in 7 years

May. 16, 2019—Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Design Laboratory again has earned top honors in NASA’s National Student Launch Competition, the lab’s sixth national championship and second consecutive win in 12 years.

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Flu’s “hidden target” may lead to universal vaccine: study

May. 16, 2019—The flu mutates so quickly that we need a new vaccine every year, but Vanderbilt scientists have found a vulnerable part of the virus that doesn't mutate as much.

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Wellcast: ‘There’s an App for That! Self-Monitoring Your Healthy Habits’

May. 15, 2019—David Schlundt, associate professor of psychology, discusses why self-monitoring is so effective in helping establish healthy habits and shares the best ways to self-monitor.

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Frog fungus fights back

May. 15, 2019—Louise Rollins-Smith and colleagues have discovered a new way that a deadly fungus evades frogs' immune systems.

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Vanderbilt Kennedy Center call for proposals for disabilities research project

May. 14, 2019—The mission of the VKC is to facilitate discoveries and best practices that make positive differences in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

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Summer Kindermusik classes available at Blair

May. 13, 2019—Enjoy music, movement, and a special bonding time for caregivers and infants and children through age five.

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Blair’s precollege and adult summer program open for registration

May. 13, 2019—Summer offerings available for teens and adults through the Blair School of Music includes a variety of courses, lectures and recitals.

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Nominations open for 2019 Vanderbilt Prize Student Scholar

May. 10, 2019—Candidates for the Vanderbilt Prize Student Scholar are female graduate students in biomedical sciences at Vanderbilt (PhD or MD/PhD track) who have completed the qualifying exam and have at least one year left to complete the PhD degree.

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Dynamic basement membranes

May. 9, 2019—Basement membranes are important structural and functional components of tissues. New research provides insight into how they repair themselves.

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Blueprint for rebuilding the heart

May. 9, 2019—New findings may speed progress toward programming cells to rebuild damaged hearts more quickly.

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Registration open: 2019 BRET Annual Career Symposium, ‘Influencing Human Health with Your Ph.D.’

May. 9, 2019—Hosted by the BRET Office of Career Development and the Training Grants in Biomedical Sciences.

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