Strategic Communications Staff

The Strategic Communications team within Vanderbilt University Communications and Marketing designs and executes integrated communications strategies to protect and enhance Vanderbilt’s local, national and international reputation, and positions the university as one of the world’s leading academic research institutions through the distribution of compelling content across a variety of digital and traditional channels.

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  • Melanie Moran
    Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations
  • Lauren Hammond
    Deputy Director, Strategic Communications
  • Adam Anthony
    Administrative Coordinator

Media Relations

Are you a member of the media on deadline? Please email our team at and we will respond promptly.

  • Damon Maida
    Associate Director, Media Relations
  • Julia Jordan
    Senior Media Relations Specialist
  • John O’Brien
    Media Relations Specialist
  • Brian Smokler
    Senior Broadcast Technician

Social Media

  • Beth Fox
    Director, Social Media
  • Jaclyn Antonacci
    Senior Social Media Specialist
  • Erica Fowler
    Social Media Specialist
  • Nick Hessler
    Senior Social Media Specialist, Athletics

Issues Management

  • Princine Lewis
    Director, Issues Management
  • Wesley Hester
    Associate Director, Issues Management

Communications Strategy

  • Carrie Moore
    Director, Communications Strategy

Community Engagement

  • Katherine Keith
    Senior Communications Strategist
  • Elizabeth Flier
    Communications Strategist
  • Neha Khetan
    Communications Strategist

Development and Alumni Relations

  • Anneliese DeDiemar
    Associate Director
  • Helen McDaniel
    Communications Strategist

Provost Communications

  • Amber Palmer-Halma
    Associate Director
  • Dana Meeks
    Communications Coordinator

Research & Innovation

  • Melinda Rogers
    Senior Communications Strategist
  • Marissa Shapiro
    Senior Communications Strategist
  • Kiya Gaskin
    Communications Coordinator

The Vanderbilt Project on Unity and American Democracy

  • Ben Khouri
    Associate Director, Communications Strategy

Internal Communications/MyVU

  • Kara Furlong
    Manager, Internal Communications; Editor, myVU

Athletics Communications

  • Alan George
    Associate Director, Athletics Communications/ Associate Athletic Director • Communications
  • Chad Bishop
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Associate Director • Communications (Bowling, Men’s and Women’s Golf)
  • Asha Evans
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Associate Director • Communications (Women’s Basketball, Women’s Golf)
  • Josh Foster
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Associate Director • Communications (Baseball, Football)
  • Brian Fremund
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Assistant Athletic Director • Communications (Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Swimming)
  • Katherine Harvath
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Assistant Director • Communications (Soccer, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Basketball)
  • Diana Ly
    Communications Coordinator, Athletics/Coordinator • Communications (Women’s Golf, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Basketball)
  • Gavin Nevill
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Associate Director • Communications (Lacrosse, Soccer)
  • Will Owens
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Assistant Director • Communications (Lacrosse, Baseball, Football)
  • Michael Scholl
    Communications Specialist, Athletics/Director • Communications (Football)