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Author: Seth Robertson

Class of 2014: Domonique Bragg and Cody Stothers are Aspirnaut pioneers

Apr. 22, 2014—Seniors Domonique Bragg and Cody Stothers, who both hail from rural Arkansas, followed a similar path to Vanderbilt.

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Willie Geist, BA’97, follows his father’s example to success on morning TV

Apr. 14, 2014—In many ways Willie Geist was born to be on television. The co-host of NBC’s Today show and MSNBC’s Morning Joe is blessed with the good looks and self-assurance that one might associate with, say, a football or basketball team captain—which he was, incidentally, for both sports at his high school in Ridgewood, N.J. Yet there is also something...

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Derek Mason’s portrait added to Vanderbilt coaches mural

Feb. 19, 2014—The Vanderbilt coaches mural on the corner of West End and 28th avenues has gotten a much-anticipated face-lift.

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Johnson: At Owen, transformation happens on a personal scale

Oct. 4, 2013—As he embarks on his tenure as dean, Eric Johnson is mindful of keeping the Owen Graduate School of Management’s close-knit culture central to the school’s mission.

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