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Author: Leslie Hill

Events have long history of making a huge impact

Dec. 12, 2013—They are touchstones on the Nashville calendar — Iroquois Steeplechase and the Music City Tennis Invitational usher in spring. The Eve of Janus is a celebration of summer. Christmas Village kicks off the holiday season.

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Clinic helps patients cope with Huntington’s disease

Nov. 21, 2013—Melissa Darnall could easily look around her family reunions and pick out who had Huntington’s disease (HD). The genetic disorder had affected four of her five aunts and uncles and her father, and the balance problems and shakiness typical of HD were readily apparent in those siblings.

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Research contributions of VUMC nurses highlighted

Nov. 21, 2013—Nursing research and evidence-based practice at Vanderbilt University Medical Center was on full display Nov. 13 at the annual Nursing Research Day.

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Aaronson named medical director of Spine Center

Nov. 14, 2013—Oran Aaronson, M.D., associate professor of Neurological Surgery, has been named medical director of the Vanderbilt Spine Center.

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Surprising find displays parking valet’s integrity

Oct. 31, 2013—Vanderbilt University Medical Center valet parking attendant Derege Degene was on a normal run to the garage when he spotted an envelope on the Medical Center Drive sidewalk. He could tell there was something inside and took a peek.

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Whetsell helps Nashville Opera production’s medical accuracy

Oct. 31, 2013—Two of Nashville biggest industries — music and health care — come together in the Nashville Opera’s upcoming production of “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat,” based on a medical case study from the book of the same name by the popular author and neurologist Oliver Sacks.

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Vanderbilt sleep experts offer tips to manage end of Daylight Saving Time

Oct. 31, 2013—A Vanderbilt University Medical Center sleep specialist confirms what a lot of us already know—"falling back" can still cause a groggy and unsettled feeling come Monday morning, even if we do manage to get that extra hour of sleep.

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VUMC joins national stroke prevention research network

Oct. 17, 2013—Vanderbilt University Medical Center has joined a national network funded by the National Institutes of Health to streamline multi-site clinical trials focused on key interventions in stroke prevention, treatment and recovery.

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Effort focuses on mental health of young athletes

Oct. 10, 2013—The rate of mental illness is more than twice as high for those ages 18-25 than those 50 and older, and participating in college athletics can add even more mental pressures for young adults.

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Adult rehabilitation consult service created

Oct. 10, 2013—The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) has started an adult inpatient consultation service to evaluate patients who may need rehabilitation and assist with the transition from inpatient care to post-acute rehabilitation facilities.

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New faculty: Jay Wellons brings national research network to Children’s Hospital

Oct. 7, 2013—When physician Jay Wellons was explaining to his son why the family was moving to Nashville, he put it in terms to which the 7-year-old could relate. “Daddy has a chance to join the Avengers,” he said.

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Age doesn’t impact concussion symptoms: study

Sep. 26, 2013—Recent scientific findings have raised the fear that young athletes may fare worse after sustaining a sports-related concussion than older athletes.

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