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Author: Erin Facer

The Art of Social Change: Students learn practical skills to shore up democracy

Jun. 10, 2019—In response to what he sees as a “multi-decade crisis of democracy,” Paul Kramer, associate professor of history, has developed an undergraduate course aimed at “activating citizens.” “The skills we need to make democracy work need to be constantly renewed,” said Kramer. These skills include curious intelligence and an ability to be in-tune to the...

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75 years later D-Day continues to represent exceptionalism

Jun. 6, 2019—Imagine Europe with Communist governments in Germany, France and Italy, all satellites of the Soviet Union. If the D-Day invasion, which happened 75 years ago June 6, had failed, then it is conceivable that Stalin’s Soviet Union would have liberated all of Europe from Hitler and ended up controlling the major countries of Europe, along...

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Fort Negley receives international recognition thanks to the work of Vanderbilt scholars

May. 22, 2019—As communities throughout the South struggle to determine appropriate ways of recognizing Civil War history, Jane Landers, Gertrude Conaway Vanderbilt Professor of History, and Postdoctoral Fellow Angela Sutton have worked to draw attention to Fort Negley as a site that teaches the tragedy of slavery as well as celebrates the contributions of free and enslaved black people to Nashville and the nation’s history.

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Symposium to discuss rise of right-wing authoritarianism March 29

Mar. 26, 2019—The recent rise of right-wing, authoritarian governments has inspired a unique one-day symposium with scholars from leading academic institutions. These researchers will explore the history and significance of this political phenomenon on Friday, March 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Sarratt 325/327. Featured speakers include: Sean Jacobs (New School), Lisa McGirr (Harvard University),...

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Vanderbilt celebrates Brain Awareness Month

Mar. 13, 2019—A special lecture by Randy Blakely, Ph.D., executive director FAU Brain Institute kicks off activities celebrating Brain Awareness Month at Vanderbilt. Blakely’s talk, “When Cocaine Just Won’t Do: ADHD and Serotonin-Dopamine Crosstalk,” will be held Thursday, March 14, 10 a.m., in 214 Light Hall. Vanderbilt graduate students worked with faculty advisors to develop a series...

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Do brains feel like jello? Free brain event for kids

Mar. 11, 2019—Kids will get to examine real brains, undergo an eye-tracking experiment and visualize their own brainwaves during this year’s Brain Awareness Week "Brain Blast" sponsored by the Vanderbilt Brain Institute.

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Digging up bones thanks to a competitive grant from National Geographic

Mar. 8, 2019—Maya Krause, a Ph.D. student specializing in bioarchaeology, will spend her summer high in the mountains of Peru searching for ancient human remains after earning National Geographic’s Early Career Grant.

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How attracting multiple mates affects flirting fads in birds

Feb. 22, 2019—For many species, extravagant displays are a critical part of attracting a mate. Think of a peacock’s long tail or a songbird’s elaborate melody. When considering these populations, scientists at Vanderbilt University wondered if they could use new methods to test a theory that has been around for almost 150 years: that having multiple reproductive...

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48 hours of innovation will produce a variety of new tools for those with special needs

Jan. 16, 2019—Teams of makers will race the clock this weekend to create innovative solutions to the problems facing those living with disabilities in Nashville and beyond. Beginning Friday, Jan. 18, at 3 p.m., these teams will have 48 hours to “make a difference” as part of Vanderbilt’s Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) makeathon. The name Tikkun Olam,...

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Seigenthaler Series: Pulitzer Prize winner to discuss cost of war Feb. 6

Feb. 1, 2018—C.J. Chivers, a Pulitzer Prize–winning writer who specializes in military coverage, will discuss “War and Its Costs” Feb. 6 at the John Seigenthaler Center.

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Tour manager for Bob Dylan to speak at Law School about internet monopolies

Jan. 23, 2018—Jon Taplin, director emeritus of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab, will discuss how monopolization of the internet threatens the future of artistic creativity in music, film and journalism Wednesday, Jan. 24, at Vanderbilt Law School.

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Makers race the clock to repair the world through this weekend’s TOM makeathon

Jan. 18, 2018—Teams of makers will race the clock this weekend to create innovative solutions to the problems facing those living with disabilities in Nashville and beyond.

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