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Author: Craig Boerner

Study examining new vaccine for avian flu

Jul. 29, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers are seeking healthy adults ages 18-49 for a study testing a new vaccine against H5N1 influenza, a strain which has the potential to be the next pandemic flu virus.

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‘Off the Pain’ and back to singing: Vocal surgery puts country rocker Gary Allan on the road again

Jul. 28, 2011—Country rocker Gary Allan still belts out his hit song “Get Off On The Pain” when performing in music venues, big and small – just not as the opener. Allan spent a good part of last year starting his shows with the powerful screamer, but eventually lost his high-end falsetto due to a polyp on...

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Vanderbilt study links military service in Middle East with serious lung disorder

Jul. 20, 2011—A Vanderbilt study of U.S. soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan shows a serious lung condition linked to prolonged exposures to sulfur fires and burn pits.

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Blame game doesn’t help obese patients

Jun. 27, 2011—New research into changes in the brains of obese patients and others with substance abuse issues indicate doctors should be more understanding when treating these patients.

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Brain injury strongly linked to depression, but treatments lack study

Apr. 13, 2011—Though a direct link has been found between traumatic brain injury and depression, not enough is known about how to treat those suffering the results.

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Better tools needed to target autism treatments for children

Apr. 4, 2011—Although an evaluation of existing treatments for children with autism spectrum disorders found positive results in some studies, better information is needed to target the right treatments to specific children.

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Four new Alzheimer’s genes uncovered

Apr. 4, 2011—Vanderbilt researchers, who helped organize a consortium including the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and the Boston University School of Medicine, have identified four new genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease. The findings, released today by Nature Genetics, effectively double the number of genes known to contribute...

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Elephants can transmit TB to humans

Mar. 11, 2011—Elephants can transmit TB to humans, researchers at the CDC, Tennessee Department of Health and Vanderbilt University have reported.

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Exercise can curb marijuana use and cravings

Mar. 4, 2011—Just a few sessions on the treadmill can prevent marijuana cravings and use, new research finds.

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Study tracks how deaf children can develop spoken language

Feb. 4, 2011—OPTION Schools Inc., in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, is conducting a study looking at how children who are deaf or hard of hearing develop spoken language. The multi-center study, called LSL-DR for Listening and Spoken Language Data Repository, encompasses 50 OPTION School programs in three countries and will examine...

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Vanderbilt joins consortium to discover and map all Alzheimer’s genes

Feb. 1, 2011—Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and across the globe, announced today a multi-national collaboration to discover and map all genes relating to Alzheimer’s disease through the formation of the International Genomics of Alzheimer’s Project (IGAP). Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive, neurodegenerative disorder that is fatal, has no cure and available drugs only marginally affect disease...

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