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Author: Bill Snyder

Beta cell imaging could help spot diabetes earlier

May. 23, 2012—Vanderbilt researchers have developed a biomarker for beta cells that could make it easier to detect diabetes earlier.

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New clue to ADHD

May. 15, 2012—A rare genetic change adds support to the idea that altered dopamine signaling is a key risk factor for ADHD.

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Vision study changes how we see the brain

May. 10, 2012—Vanderbilt researchers have discovered that the pulvinar, a mysterious structure buried in the center of our brains, determines how we see the world — and whether we see at all.

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Vanderbilt research finds immune cells fan flames of obesity-related inflammation

Apr. 10, 2012—Researchers at Vanderbilt University have discovered that an unusual set of immune cells, called invariant natural killer T cells, can exacerbate obesity-related inflammation.

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Minds wide open: Neuroscience at Vanderbilt

Apr. 6, 2012—Vanderbilt University has emerged as one of the nation’s leading academic centers in neuroscience.

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Vanderbilt researchers help reveal complex role of genes in autism

Apr. 4, 2012—Mutations in hundreds of genes involved in wiring the brain may contribute to the development of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

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New endowed chair holders honored

Mar. 29, 2012—Nine Vanderbilt University faculty members named to endowed chairs were honored March 26 during a celebration at the Student Life Center. Their collective achievement “is, I think by any measure, extraordinary,” said Richard McCarty, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, in his introductory remarks.

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Vanderbilt innovations noted by NIH

Mar. 29, 2012—Two Web-based research tools developed at Vanderbilt University were highlighted March 20 during a House subcommittee hearing of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) FY13 budget request. During his testimony to the U.S. House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies, Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health,...

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Mouse model for autism yields clues to a 50-year-old mystery

Mar. 20, 2012—A genetic variation that causes early disruptions in serotonin signaling in the brain may contribute to autism spectrum disorder and other enduring effects on behavior.

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Early study hints at ‘brown fat’ as potential diabetes treatment

Mar. 2, 2012—A new study finds long-lasting reversal of diabetes is possible without insulin through transplantation of brown fat tissue.

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Thank you for the research

Feb. 28, 2012—  Lenda Bates DuBose knew she would not survive peritoneal cancer. Yet the longtime Nashville resident and Vanderbilt graduate was grateful for the treatments that prolonged her life. She wished there was a way she could express her gratitude. After Lenda passed away in December, her daughter, Printha K. McCallum, fulfilled her mother’s wish. Below...

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Digestive disease research bolstered by grant renewal

Jan. 20, 2012—The Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center celebrates its 10th anniversary this year with a second five-year renewal of its federal research grant.

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