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Vanderbilt Register
110 21st Avenue South, Suite 708
Nashville, TN 37203
Main Number: (615)343-3209
Fax: (615)343-7313

The Daily Register - the online paper of record
for Vanderbilt University - is updated Monday
through Friday. The printed version - the
Vanderbilt Register - is published every other

Subscriptions to the Vanderbilt Register are free.
To subscribe, e-mail skip.anderson@
or send your request via mail.
Include your full name, address and phone
number. To subscribe to the Register Express –
an electronic summary of articles that appear in
the Vanderbilt Register – e-mail majordomo@
. Leave the subject line blank,
and simply type: subscribe register-express. To
unsubscribe send an e-mail to majordomo@
and type "unsubscribe
register-express" in the message field. Leave
subject field blank.

Submission Guidlines
Classifieds provides space for faculty, staff,
students and alumni of the University, as well as
employees of the University's affiliates to post
notice of property for sale or rent, wanted items
and services.

Requirements for publication

Ads must be submitted in writing and be 25
words or less. Write to Classifieds, 708 Baker
Building, fax to (615)343-7313 or e-mail
ads@vanderbilt.edu. Full name, office and home
phone number must be included with all
requests. Alumni should include school and year
of graduation. The home phone number and/or
non-Vanderbilt e-mail address of the person
submitting the ad will be published unless the
item relates to University business or study.
Only one home phone number per ad will be
published. Advertisements for commercial
products and services will not be accepted. The
Division of Public Affairs reserves the right to
edit or reject any advertising copy submitted for
publication. Reference to religious or racial
preferences or other dicriminatory statements
are strictly prohibited. Ads run in the order in
which they are received. Due to space
availability, ads are not guaranteed to run
. Notices will run one issue per submission;
priority is given to new ads, and to those
submitted by faculty, staff and students. For
more information, call (615) 322-0140.

Faculty and Staff Notes
Submission Guidelines
Faculty and staff notes is a reoccurring column
providing information about the achievements
and news of University and Medical Center
faculty, staff and students. Space is limited and
submissions will be published in the order of
which they were received. Please include full
name and title, as well as detailed information
about the event. If other faculty, staff or students
(at Vanderbilt or other) are included in the item,
please include their full names and titles.
Categories include: Awards and Honors;
Appointments and Elections; Papers and
Presentations; Publications; Professional
Activities; and In Memoriam.

University Calendar
To submit items to the University Calendar, visit
http://calendar.vanderbilt.edu/ and click
"Submit an Event".

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the editor are encouraged and will be
considered for publication. E-mail letters to
skip.anderson@vanderbilt.edu. Please include
full name and contact information.

Ask the Experts
Submission Guidelines
We encourage our readers to submit interesting
questions, which will be forwarded to an
appropriate source within the University in search
of an answer. Questions sent by mail should be
marked "Ask the Experts".

Web Watch
E-mail skip.anderson@vanderbilt.edu about a
new, revised or award-winning Web site to be
featured in Web Watch.

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Faculty and Staff Notes

University Calendar

Letters to the Editor

Ask the Expert

Web Watch

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Vice Chancellor for Public
Michael J. Schoenfeld

Associate Vice Chancellor
for Public Affairs:
Beth Fortune

Director, Vanderbilt News
Elizabeth P. Latt

Skip Anderson

Assistant Editor:
Jessica Howard

Editorial Assistant:
Kasey Montgomery

Christopher Collins

Neil Brake,
Daniel Dubois

Calendar Editor:
Gay Tidwell

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