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NSF names 34 Vanderbilt students and alumni as 2024 graduate research fellows

A total of 34 Vanderbilt University alumni, students and incoming students have been named National Science Foundation graduate research fellows for 2024.

The prestigious fellowship program assists exceptional graduate students pursuing research-based master’s and doctoral degrees across various fields, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, STEM education and social sciences supported by NSF. Since its inception in 1952, the NSF GRFP has been a cornerstone of support for graduate students, providing financial aid through a $37,000 annual stipend and a $16,000 allowance for educational expenses, along with opportunities for professional growth and international research endeavors.

Benson Science Hall (Vanderbilt University)
Summer on campus. Photo credit: Daniel Dubois

Vanderbilt’s 2024 NSF GRFP Scholars:

Harrison Anthony Walker, materials research – computationally intensive research

Jia A. Mei, life sciences – microbial biology

Jacquelyn Spathies, life sciences – microbial biology

Jean-Paul Rojas,  social sciences – archaeology

Monica E. Brown, life sciences – cell biology

Katherine E. Peebles, life sciences – cell biology

Austin Coursey, comp/IS/eng – machine learning

Jacob Allen Schulman, engineering – biomedical engineering

Olivia L. Riedling, life sciences – microbial biology

Molly E. Sullivan, life sciences – biochemistry

Jared David Rhodes, cancer biology

Hari Srinivasan, life sciences – neurosciences

Soren M. Smail, materials research – chemistry of materials

Skyler Trenton Hornback, engineering – chemical engineering

Emily Daria Berestesky, engineering – biomedical engineering

William A. Richardson, comp/IS/eng – cyber-physical systems and embedded systems

Leah E. Oswalt, life sciences – biochemistry

Antiana Richardson, life sciences – systems and molecular biology

Cameron Deal, BA’24, social sciences – economics

Abigail Eisenklam, BS’24, comp/IS/eng – cyber-physical systems and embedded systems

Alexander S. Oh, BE’24, engineering – optical engineering

Schyler Rowland, BE’24, engineering – biomedical engineering

Henoc Zinga, BA’24, life sciences – biochemistry

Theresa Marie Miller, BE’18, engineering – civil engineering

Divya Prabhakaran, BS’21, psychology – computationally intensive research

Elijah Sheridan, BA’22, physics and astronomy – theoretical physics

Kathryn Lee, BE’23, engineering – mechanical engineering

Stephen James Lee, BE’17, engineering – bioengineering

Daniel Feldman, BA ’21, – neuroscience and psychology

Ana Fonongava’inga Stringer, BA’22, social sciences – geography

Sixteen other Vanderbilt students and alumni received honorable mention designation for the program:

Evi Marie Malagise, life sciences – biochemistry

Tobias Conroy McCabe, life sciences – neurosciences

Matthew Paul Vasuta, materials research – polymers

Anna Regina Kittel, engineering – biomedical engineering

Owen R. Meilander, engineering – electrical and electronic engineering

Camille Archer, BA’20, Class of 2024, psychology – cognitive neurosciences

Madison Marie Albert, BE’24, engineering – biomedical engineering

Jahnai R. Garner, BS’24, psychology – psycholinguistics

Sarah Hourihan, BA’24, life sciences – evolutionary biology

Jason Hwong, BE’24, materials research – physics of materials

Katrina Schwensen, BE’24, engineering – bioengineering

Hannah Timlin Gelnaw, BA’21, life sciences – neurosciences

Sarah Maren Lempres, BS’21, psychology – developmental psychology

Audrey J. Wang, BA’21, engineering – biomedical engineering

Benjamin Mark Shani, BE’23, engineering – electrical and electronic engineering

Matthew Tremblay, BA’22, chemistry – chemical theory, models and computational methods

The rigorous application process demands thoroughness and collaboration with students’ advisors, as students craft persuasive personal statements and research proposals. For the 2024 cycle, there were 2,037 fellowship offers in total, which is 518 less than the 2023 cycle. Additionally, in the 2024 cycle there were 1716 honorable mentions, 915 more than in the 2023 cycle.

The 2025 application will open over the summer with field-specific deadlines in the fall. For interested Vanderbilt students and alumni, the Fellowships and Graduate and Postdoctoral Coaching team experts offer support through one-on-one advising sessions. It is advised that first-year students, recent alumni, and rising seniors who intend to apply connect with the Career Center.