Norton LifeLock to be offered for all benefits-eligible VU employees


Beginning July 1, Vanderbilt will offer Norton LifeLock Identity Theft Protection to all benefits-eligible employees. This optional benefit will be available to help Vanderbilt employees and their families protect themselves from malicious cyberactivity by reducing risks for phishing attacks, monitoring for identity theft, providing device security for personal devices and more. This benefit also provides peace of mind by allowing you to turn over potential problems to professionals who will work to resolve issues on your behalf.

To learn more about this new cybersafety benefit, see Norton’s Features Guide.

You can enroll or cancel enrollment for this benefit at any time by visiting My VU Benefits. If you choose to enroll, the post-tax payment will be automatically deducted from your paycheck along with your other benefit selections. If you have an existing membership with Norton LifeLock and want to switch to the plan offered through Vanderbilt, you must cancel your existing membership before your new coverage effective date by calling 800-607-9174.

Please note that this benefit offering is not managed by VUIT and is not necessary for your Vanderbilt-issued devices. If you have additional questions about the details of this cybersafety service, please contact Norton LifeLock directly at 866-456-9316.