Parking rates, commute information for 2024–25

Members of our community have varying needs for their commutes to campus, and those needs can change on a daily basis. To help you choose your best commute option, the university provides numerous resources and benefits to customize your commute plan.  

Learn about the variety of transportation and parking options offered by Vanderbilt University to best fit your needs as you commute to campus by: 

Commute Concierge assistance includes: 

  • Understanding 2024–25 parking rates 
  • Finding bicycle and pedestrian amenities and routes to campus 
  • Using VU’s free public transit benefit and learning how to ride buses and trains to campus 
  • Carpool and vanpool matching assistance 

2024–25 Parking and Commute Information 

The Commute Calculator: Plug your personal information into the commute calculator to compare options and pricing. The 2024–25 parking prices and sustainable commute incentives can be viewed through the calculator. 

Try the calculator now>>  

Parking Map: An interactive parking map displays all annual parking permit, daily parking program and hourly paid parking locations to make it easier to see which options are convenient for you. Be sure to consider the impact of construction on campus when choosing a parking location. 

Annual and daily parking rates for 2024–25 will take effect Sept. 1. Information on the new parking rates are below and on the MoveVU website 

Key Information: 

  • All vehicles operated on campus must possess a parking permit or use hourly paid parking options. 
  • Eligible commuters can switch parking programs if their needs change. Simultaneous enrollment in annual and daily parking is not permitted. 
  • Annual parking permits for the 2024–25 academic year can be purchased in August. 
  • Graduate and professional students, faculty, staff and postdocs are eligible for the daily parking program; enrollees only pay to park on days they drive to campus. Daily parking applications are processed on a rolling, weekly basis. Current enrollees need not reapply; check your daily parking enrollment status.  
  • Daily parking enrollees can earn $1 per day sustainable commute incentive by logging weekday carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, bus or train commutes. 
  • There is no cost to apply for daily parking, and car ownership is not required.

Free Bus and Train Rides on WeGo Public Transit 

All full-time and part-time VU students, faculty, staff and postdocs can ride WeGo’s local and regional buses, paratransit services and the WeGo Star free of charge at any time, for any reason.  

Daily Parking Program 

Locations: Terrace Place, Wesley Place, West and Sony garages. Learn more.

How it works: Participants pay to park only on days they drive to campus. Only daily parking participants have access to the daily parking facilities and are eligible for sustainable commute incentives and programs. Faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate and professional students are eligible to participate in the daily parking program. If you are already enrolled in daily parking, you do not need to reapply. View Daily Parking FAQs. 

2024–25 Daily Parking Rate: 

  • $6.00 per day at Sony and Wesley Place garages 
  • $4.25 per day at Terrace Place and West garages  

2024–25 Sustainable Commute Incentive: 

  • Earn $1 on weekdays when you log carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, bus or train commutes 
  • Access the Guaranteed Ride Home program when family or work emergencies require you to get home unexpectedly 

Annual Permit Parking 

Locations: View all available lots on the parking map. 

How it works: People with annual permits can park in any nonreserved parking space in an annual permit lot on campus. Annual parking is open to faculty, staff and students (except first-year undergraduate students). 

  • Current annual parking permits expire on Aug. 31
  • New annual parking permits begin Sept. 1
  • Registration will open on Aug. 6 for undergraduate, graduate and professional students
  • Registration will open on Aug. 13 for faculty and staff

Switching permits: Annual permit holders may switch to the daily parking program at any point in the year. Email to cancel your existing annual permit before the first of the month to stop monthly rate charges. Daily parking access should be confirmed before canceling annual parking permits. Simultaneous enrollment in daily and annual parking is not allowed. 

View all rate information below or use the commute calculator to see your monthly cost comparison to the daily parking program. 

2024–25 Faculty, Staff and Postdoc Annual Permit Rates 

Salary/Stipend Band  Monthly Permit Cost 
Band 1: <$59,999  $48 
Band 2: $60,000–$99,999  $72 
Band 3: $100,000–$149,999  $98 
Band 4: $150,000>  $138 


2024–25 Graduate and Professional Student Annual Permit Rates 

Monthly  Semester  Annual 
$47  $188  $564 


2024–25 Undergraduate Permit Rates 

Semester  Annual  Reserved Annual 
$288  $864  $2,400 


202425 Changes 

New for 2024–25 academic year, Terrace Place Garage will allow annual permit parking in addition to daily parking beginning no later than July 1. Daily parking enrollees will use gates in the westernmost entrance to Terrace Place Garage, next to Baker garage; annual permit holders will use the easternmost entrance of Terrace Place Garage, closest to 20th Avenue South and the cathedral. Hourly parking and special event reserved spaces will be available in the annual permit side of Terrace Place Garage. 

2024–25 Hourly Parking Rate 

About MoveVU 

MoveVU is Vanderbilt’s strategic transportation and mobility plan that falls under the FutureVU comprehensive campus planning efforts. It is a highly collaborative partnership between Vanderbilt’s School of Engineering and the Office of Transportation and Mobility in the Division of Administration. The vision of MoveVU calls for a transformation in how the Vanderbilt community commutes to campus, with less reliance on single-occupancy vehicles and parking lots and a greater focus on sustainable commute modes and green spaces.