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Faculty can quickly and easily share their innovative ideas using CTTC’s new online tool

The Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization has introduced a new tool that makes it easy for faculty to bring forward innovative ideas that have the potential for patenting and commercialization.

The recently introduced online Concept Submission Form eases the initial steps for submitting innovative ideas to CTTC by giving faculty the opportunity to provide short overviews of new concepts with minimal paperwork, facilitating rapid review and feedback.

This approach expands faculty engagement in innovation and captures innovative ideas at their inception. With this new tool, busy faculty with limited time can quickly and easily share a new idea or possible invention with the CTTC team through the Concept Submission Form and receive a rapid response on the commercial viability of their ideas.

If a submitted concept shows potential for patenting and commercialization, CTTC will work with the faculty member to prepare a more comprehensive disclosure via CTTC’s Inventor Portal to enable more thorough analysis and securing intellectual property protection.

The Concept Portal is not intended for technologies that require a full disclosure to funding sources or that require time-sensitive patenting.

The short, simple form requires only the following information:

  • A brief description of the concept
  • A list of all contributors involved in the concept
  • Identification of funding used during the research stage
  • A description of any public disclosure of the idea

The new tool is part of broader efforts by the university to provide faculty with new and enhanced processes to advance their research from concept to real-world application more quickly.

For more information on the Concept Submission Form and other innovation initiatives, visit the CTTC website.