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Limited Submission Opportunity: 2024 Henry Luce Foundation American Art Exhibition Competition

Applications due Jan. 31

Vanderbilt University may submit one concept note to The Henry Luce Foundation’s 2024 American Art Exhibition Competition.


The Henry Luce Foundation’s 2024 American Art Exhibition Competition supports scholarly loan exhibitions that significantly advance the study and understanding of art of the United States, including all facets of Native American art. The loan exhibition grants advance the program’s efforts to empower art museums to reconsider accepted histories, foreground the voices and experiences of underrepresented artists and cultures and welcome diverse collaborators and communities into dialogue.


Eligible projects may address any time period and/or medium, excepting performance art, film and the work of emerging artists, and must result in substantial exhibitions and preferably have accompanying publications. Proposals will be judged on the cultural significance of the art under consideration, as well as on the intellectual rigor and originality of the exhibition’s conceptual framework.

  • Art of the United States, including Native American art, should constitute significantly more than half of the checklist.
  • The program does not support projects that are primarily historical, documentary, social or technological.
  • The holdings of a single commercial dealer should constitute no more than half of the exhibition checklist
  • The organizing institution’s permanent collection should not constitute more than half of the exhibition checklist.
  • A single, privately-held collection should constitute no more than half of the exhibition checklist.
  • The proposed exhibition should not open within the calendar year of the annual exhibition review to which it has been submitted, or before March of the following year.

The selected nominee will submit a Concept Note by April 26, 2024 and afterwards may be invited by the Foundation to submit a full proposal by June 28, 2024.

Previously funded exhibitions have received award amounts between $75,000 and $350,000. See the grant guidelines for more information.

Internal Application Instructions

Interested faculty should visit to submit an application for the internal LSO competition and to find additional information about the opportunity.

The chosen nominee will submit their concept note through the online portal by April 26th, 2024.

Any questions about this opportunity or the LSO process may be directed to