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Limited Submission Opportunity: 2024 Covenant Foundation Grants

Applications due Jan. 22

Vanderbilt University may submit one letter of inquiry to the 2024 Covenant Foundation Grants.


The Covenant Foundation invites applications for innovative programs in Jewish schools, community organizations and other institutional settings. These grants will provide funding to help creative Jewish educators develop and implement significant and financially responsible approaches to Jewish education that are potentially adaptable in other settings. Grants may also be awarded for projects whose purpose is to disseminate particularly effective existing programs.

Although there are two Covenant Grant categories, ignition and signature, Vanderbilt may submit only one letter of inquiry in only one grant category in any given year.

  • Signature Grants do not typically exceed $150,000, with no more than $50,000 per year for up to three years. There is no minimum dollar amount associated with a Covenant Grant.
  • Ignition Grants are designed to explore new, untested ideas or to determine how established practices can become even more effective. An Ignition Grant is appropriate for an exciting idea that is not yet ready for a multi-year Signature Grant, perhaps because it is still in the planning stage or because the organization needs time to develop necessary capacity and expertise. Applicants for Covenant Ignition Grants may request up to $20,000 for one year.

Previously funded projects have focused on history, music education and performance, art, community involvement, life coaching, religious study, language and culture, and many other themes.


The Covenant Foundation only funds programming in North America.

Covenant Grants will not be made to support feasibility studies, assessment studies, or basic research in Jewish education, nor will The Covenant Foundation contribute to capital expansion projects, student scholarships, or ongoing operating support.

The role of the Project Director is pivotal to the success of the grant. Each proposal must identify a Project Director who will supervise all aspects of the project throughout the grant period. The Foundation makes a special investment in each Project Director by providing professional development and support. Every cohort of Project Directors is a community of colleagues. Signature Grant Project Directors should be prepared to attend a two-day meeting of Project Directors in 2025 and each year thereafter for the duration of the grant. Project Directors for all grants should expect to communicate with The Covenant Foundation regularly throughout the grant period.

Application timeline: The selected nominee will submit the LOI to the sponsor by Feb. 27, 2024. If invited by the sponsor to submit a full application, this will be due May 16, 2024.

See the guidelines for more information.

Internal Application Instructions:

Interested faculty should visit to apply for the internal LSO competition and to find additional information about the opportunity.  The deadline for the internal competition is Jan. 22, 2024.

Any questions about these opportunities may be directed to